>Being Home…


…this was my view of Winnipeg as I left Friday evening.  
I arrived at my mum’s just after 12:30am–my mum was in bed reading, my little bro and sis-in-law watching tv… let’s just say mum was super shocked when I walked in to her bedroom! At first she thought it was Kat with a funny hat on (for the record my hat is NOT funny)… but kind of thought it was odd when I crawled into bed beside her!  Then it dawned on mum it was ME! 🙂 I’m getting pretty good at keeping secrets and making surprises… 
Today was an awesome day!  It was sunny and warm, BUT the black flies were out…and man my hate of them has been remembered!  My older bro and sis-in-law and nephews came for the afternoon… Jamie did tons of work outside in the crazy bugs–he’s such a good guy!  (took down some dead trees and cut the grass…) 
Inside there were other games ready to be played…. one of the games that was quickly stopped was this one…. crawling into the “little house”…  

 and then ‘big or little’ brother would sit on top of you….

This game had a 2nd variation… where the lid was placed on the “little house”… but this game stopped! As it wasn’t safe to trap your brother in a plastic container! 

 Samuel and Benjamin love a ‘silly’ faces!!! (but let’s admit it so do I!!!)

 There also were many “jenga” games that were played…and then we did brave the outdoors to get ‘some’ fresh air before we were eating too much by black flies!

So Benjamin and I went for a walk down to the river/lake!

 Stopping at the canoe to look underneath it…

 Gus wasn’t bugged too much by the flies.. and loved to be out exploring! (for a little while…)

Samuel and Benjamin got this cool go-cart at a garage sale today… 
to “SHARE Aunt Sarah, we get to SHARE it!!”

  I only saw Samuel drive it today… and he had a lot of fun, driving around mum’s driveway for a bit–until the bugs got too bad!

 I think every child goes through a ‘funny’ face stage.. and Samuel—he’s all about sticking out his tongue photos… I suppose Aunt Sarah will have to get ‘sneakier’ with taking photos…

 But he’s still so cute despite that tongue!

Wishing EVERYONE a happy May 2-4 weekend….
I know I have more family fun to pack into my weekend!! 
…and I have a Birthday Party to attend tomorrow.
..stay tuned for further updates!
PS. I’m starting to REALLY like my new MacBook and things are coming a lot easier for me and editing photos is sooooo much better with decent software! 

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