>Easter in Clandeboye!

>Catching up…

I had a fabulous Easter Sunday with Conni and Brent and their family and friends!  I arrived and had a bit of ‘homework’ to work on… so sat in the sun on their porch and soaked it all in!  It was great to be part of a family on such a ‘family’ type weekend!!  Conni has become my ‘Manitobian’ Mum!!

 Yummy dinner… Conni thanks for preparing an amazing meal… the stuffing from a box was soooo darn good!!! (as well as everything else!)

Conni made a new cake with lemon icing… and it was and angel food cake—soooo great!!! 🙂 

 After dinner we all went outside to the ‘percussion project’ made by Joe and friends… in the fall… it’s way fun!!!

Brent and Conni’s Mum are getting their groove on…

Here I am… notice how EVERYONE else has left? that’s because I make great music on my own… and they just wanted to stand back and enjoy it… (well maybe that’s not the real reason– maybe this girl just doesn’t have the ability to keep a beat going..or join one that’s already started… I have always marched to my own drum beat! lol)

Now for some of the random shots of the day….

Pussy willows have always been this magical mystical thing for me… my first memories are tied to spring walks with my mum and grandma, cutting them down…and then taking in bunches of them for my teachers… (weird what you remember eh?) This probably happened in like kindergarten to about grade 2!

This is a ‘rose hip’?… 
my Manitoban mum told me like 3 times.. but I still can’t remember–sorry MB Mum!! 

We went walking over to where the remnants of a burned down house use to stand.. there was all kinds of metal, glass and random stuff throughout the forest floor… I was tryin to go see the creek..but couldn’t… so Conni took a photo of me… and I took one of her… even though we were quite close… it was pretty full of trees!

Some of the random things from years gone by…

Dilly… at the creek…

Joe found some ‘treasures’ at the old house site… and brought back these metal things to add to the percussion project!

My MB Mum and I waving on the road….

…cute kitty…it’s really too bad cats make me sneeze~!

Conni asked me to take a few photos of her family for me… so here are some of my favs from that short session… (there’s more on a disc for you Conni!) 
Getting ready to JUMP!!!!

Put your hands in the air… and JUMP!!!!

Dear Conni and Brent..

Thanks again for opening your home to me over the past year and half!  
Your friendship means so much to me!  Keep in touch…  🙂 luv, Sarah 

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This blog is a spot to record my adventures in life while living where ever I may be!

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