>Yes, there were EVEN Ants*


*a picnic can’t be a picnic until there’s ants!!
Yesterday… Mark and I headed to Assiniboine Park for the first picnic of the season!  It was so perfect to be out in the park, awesome weather.. and amazing company! 
It was beautiful weather… sooooo sunny… and warm!!! 🙂 (don’t you like my ‘classy’ picnic basket?)

A shot of Mark… 
..and one of ME! (thanks Mark for taking this shot..)
A view of the sky… 
 Playing around with the camera.. and with some editing… fun!
 Looking at the River… we both couldn’t believe how FAST it was running.. 

 My first trip to Sargent Sundae… It was DARN good!!!!

Funky sculpture…
 Mark and his ‘pink’ ice cream—cotton candy!  
Mmmmm Chocolate… 
(thanks Mark for taking this one… I’ll have to shot you how to use the meter to focus~)
 Walking back to the car… 
It was the perfect end to a Sunday… and fantastic way to end a weekend!!!

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