>Happy BIRTHDAY Mum!!!!


Happy Birthday to you…
HAPPY birthday TO you…
Happy Birthday to YOU!!! 🙂 
You sure know how to ‘rock’ a Party Crown!!!
Over the years, I’ve moved a few different places… 
and you have come and visited at my various homes…
In Pangnirtung.. the Summer of 2009… 
In Winnipeg… not ONCE but twice!!! 

 February of 2011…
 Easter of 2010…
No matter where we are… we have heaps of laughs… and I’m so lucky to call you Mum, but also friend! 
I luv you… hope you have a bunch of cake for me… 
Your ‘real’ card and gift IS in the mail…
but who knows WHEN it will be delivered bc of the postal strike!  
May 2011… 
Have a fantastic day… I’m sure I’ll talk to you a ‘few’ times today.. and on the rest of the weekend!!!

About SarahontheRoad

This blog is a spot to record my adventures in life while living where ever I may be!

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