On the road…Day 1..

Last night I had a bit of a homemade ‘tetris’ game to play!  It was great fun, (actually took me like 15-20mins)…and the rain held off until after I was done! I had 4 winter tires… 2 big suitcases; 4 rubbermaid tubs(1 was full)…a green shopping basket filled with stuff… plus two duffle bags–that weren’t really full at all!  Oh, plus a piece of artwork.. and my didgeridoo…! But I got it all in my car.. and was able to keep all my mirrors and could see out the back window!!! (yep, I’m THAT good…) hehehe

So you know what the funny thing is? I did this drive EXACTLY a year ago!!! (weird eh).. Apparently this is the time for me to make that trek from Winnipeg to Wawa.. perhaps I have a new tradition that I’ll have to keep up!?  I didn’t take any photos today… partly because I just wanted to get to WAWA so I could get back to sleep!  hehehe…but if you want to take a look at my trip from last year… take a look HERE !

Before leaving Winnipeg I stopped at Tim’s and got some ‘supplies’… (thanks to friends that gave me some gift certs!!)

I had a long day on the road today!  All in all it took me about 12hours and 30mins +1hour for the time change= 13 1/2 hours…. I covered 1182 kms… and got myself to Wawa and the Northern Lights Motel!!

Look who was here to greet me? –you’ll have to wait to see who it was!

*I can’t seem to upload my photos…and i’m ready to sleep… so I’ll have to figure that out tomorrow!!! 🙂 check back for that update! 🙂 Sarah

**edited–to add the photos from the day!! 🙂

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  1. When Dan told his brother all your stuff fit into your car he said “really? Cuz that was alot of stuff” Have fun unpacking it all and I hope you find the mate to the random shoes I stuffed into the holes!!!

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