Welcome to Pangnirtung…


I have arrived safe and sound… took me a few days to get my internet all hooked up, but am back online with my limited somewhat temperamental at times, connection!  Its been a busy few days, but everything is going well… it’s been awesome seeing old friends, and meeting new ones!  At times this week I’ve felt like I’m experiencing a ‘ground-hog’ day experience, yet things are different than the last time I was here and different is good!

On Monday… I left the land of trees and excessive heat.. and started my trip north from Ottawa!  It was great fun trying to manoeuvre two luggage carts with my 7 pieces of luggage and 2 carry ons at the crazy early hour—but I managed it!  My flights were pretty uneventful… I even managed to get a cat nap!  The photo on the right is one last glimpse of Ottawa..

First glimpses of Iqaluit from the air… (top left)..I had my ‘breakfast’ on the plane.. it was really quite tasty, it’s nice to fly where they give you food for free!  I was excited to see the familiar rock formations as the plane entered the Pangnirtung Fiord!  A look at the plane… as I walked to the terminal!

High tide on left and low tide on right… My view from the Lodge…

My home for the week so far… I’m still sorting out my housing…but things are looking up, things just take time, especially in the north! (Besides this means I don’t have to cook for myself for awhile… and Louis food is pretty darn GOOD!… and I get to meet different people doing all kinds of different work in the community…)The GN Building (GN= Government of Nunavut)… There is lots of work going on around the waterfront—digging and working on the deep sea port… Walking to work on Tuesday… the clouds just hovered around, and almost over Mt. Duval… It’s a gorgeous time of year to be in the Arctic!  The temperatures have been hovering between 8-12C… (colder at night).. and to be honest, I prefer these kinds of temps than the crazy heat wave in the south!  (Unless of course I was at Haliburton Lake at the cottage… and spending the day in the LAKE!)…


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  1. Glad you made it! Love the pics of the diggers at the harbor. O loves walking down there to see them work.

  2. Hi Sarah!! This is Sergey from Israel. I hope you don’t mind me posting here from time to time..:-)))

    It’s so exciting to see you back up there again! I’m sure you will have lots of fun! =)

    I’m so jealous of the 8-12 temps you are having there….here in Israel, it’s a nasty 35 with 80% humidity (*agonized*)…=(

    • sarahontheroadagain

      Thanks for the comments… it’s always nice to see people comment on photos and experiences I’ve had! I’m enjoying the sunny weather–but not a fan of mosquitoes!! 🙂 feel free to continue to comment!

  3. Great pictures! Way to make me miss the Arctic…..

    • sarahontheroadagain

      Thanks Iqwerty… I must admit, for the last 18months being out of the arctic… I did dream about this place a lot! Still is hard for me to believe that I am back here… 🙂

  4. Miss you!!! Glad you made it there safe!

  5. Yer Swanwick Grad buddy here, I love you pictures but would love to know the story behind them too. Tell me a little about your knew world? What is a day like in Sarah World?

    • sarahontheroadagain

      Thanks Andrea… well there’s not much to tell behind the stories… the majority of them I took while I was walking home from work back to the lodge(hotel)… A day in “Sarah-world” eh? hmmm I’m not sure the world is ready for that! hahaha… But perhaps I will have to post about a day in the life of Sarah… hmmmm 🙂 hope you are well… I so miss hanging out on Swanwick Ave… it’s been a LONG time since I’ve been back in that ‘hood! 🙂 Sarah

  6. Great pics (again) Sarah!! The colour tones in them are great! You using some actions or presets in an editing program? I’m just getting interested in digital editing so I would love to hear your tricks! 🙂 Can’t believe you’re way up there again…I couldn’t do it that’s for sure! 🙂

    • sarahontheroadagain

      Hey Krystal… I’m using a bit of different things—some presets and some just playing around… for the most part I’m using aperture… Thanks! S

  7. Beautiful pictures, Sarah!

    I’m thinking about you.


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