To the end of the road…

(and some other adventures around town!!)… but to start off let me tell you about the end of the road…

Yesterday evening I went to the end of the road… to walk around and take some photos!  There have been quite a few changes since I was last there, especially around the quarry.  It was nice to walk around…and just be in the peace and quiet…(except for the mossies!)

This photo is the view back into town—you can see a ‘dust trail’ on the road, probably from a huge dump truck!  (and there was dust on my lens, as well as heaps of mosquitoes!! so that’s the specks on the photo!)…

Looking back into Pang from the end of the road...

Hello Shadow... (tent in background...)

I didn’t wear bug spray on this trip to the end of the road… and that’s something I grew to regret as my time went on!  Seems like no matter where you live… there are always mosquitoes!!!  

One of the many 'monster-sized' mosquitoes!!

Watching the sun go behind the mountains… I love this time of year, and the amazing sunsets… and colours that come out in the clouds!!! it’s so beautiful–and my words can’t do it justice.. so here are some photos I took from my bedroom window!

The view from my bedroom window...

Today, I met up with a friend and went picking ‘cotton’… I was prepared today and wore bug spray–and that so kept the bugs away! We ended up going up by the water reservoir and walked around… talking, picking and looking at the other flowers!

Below: a view of a ‘cotton’ patch… me holding the beginnings of my bouquet of Arctic Cotton.. and this really cool flat rock, by a stream of water—it was so flat and looked like a piece of wood…

Arctic Cotton... with a really cool rock!

Looking back into town... and towards the Cumberland Sound...

Even though I couldn’t be at my family reunion… I was thinking about you guys.. and hope you had a fantastic day!!! 🙂  I know I had a great one….  it was a gorgeous day to be out walking… and I had great company! Thanks, Mary for joining me…it was great to catch up!!! 🙂

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