I have a confession…

My name is Sarah, and I have an EMAIL HOARDING problem.  I’ve heard that admitting to the problem is the first step rehabilitating yourself…

Today after work I decided it was time to sort through some messages in my inbox of one of my email accounts.  I’m sure EVERYONE out there has an email account that is like my Yahoo! It’s one of my emails I got when I was like 15…when the world of the internets was so new, and you were told not to use your ‘real-name’ in case someone internet stalked you. So I was creative and did a spin on my name–except now when I explain it, it’s not so funny or cool! The reason why I still have this email account after all these years–because it’s become an all-purpose email account.  Th one that you use only to “sign-up” for contests, online coupon emails, pizza delivery guy, clothing store discounts…and other online social networking alerts are given to that email..or give to the cashier when they ask for your email address.

Well I’m sure you get the idea…(if you don’t email me and I’ll explain it to you!) Tonight when I logged onto my Yahoo! MAIL, just to see if I got any ‘real’ mail…I looked up into the corner and saw the following photo….

Yes, that said that there were 2, 728 emails in my account… and 8 unread messages.(that’s what the 8 means before the arrow).  Now about those unread messages… that might not seem odd to a normal user–after all one does often get unread messages right in their inbox.  Some people might feel excitement, that they have new mail–I on the other hand felt nothing.

Let me explain.

I feel like in sharing about this topic I need to share the FULL truth and NOTHING but the TRUTH… so here it goes… The thing is I’ve had 8 unread messages in this account—FOR A REALLY LONG TIME! (normally if to tell if I have emails I take the number and subtract 8–so that tells me how many ‘new’ messages I actually have.)  During my  clicks-to-freedom campaign (ie: clicking the box beside the emails I wanted to trash; leaving the emails that I wanted to keep–yes, some where keepable!)… I found these 8 unread messages. Looking back I must have been extremely busy from Mid-April to Mid-May in 2010—as I had 8 unread-messages from that time period~ (thankfully they were all ‘junk’ updates from facebook, or from stores like my fav clothing store, shoe store and pizza joint–guess I’m not getting those SWEET deals!)… I think honestly, all the other JUNK got piled up, and I couldn’t find those unread messages (they were buried to page 8 and 9 of my inbox)..in the back of my mind I knew they were junk…so why not just leave them? To be honest, it’s going to be weird signing into my Yahoo! account without a brush up on my mental math… and not seeing that 8 unread-messages…

In My steps to freedom…(from this inbox-hoarding-disorder…)

I have my Yahoo! inbox down to 113 emails–there’s a few I want to read… (before I delete).  I did create a “folder” and put some emails from a friend into that said folder—will I ever look at them again? hmmm jury is still out but at least that kind of hoarding is organized eh? and I will probably junk them at some point in the future!  I also -unsubscribed to a bunch of e-newletters, that I haven’t been reading–so why am I clogging up my inbox with those?  Another random piece of info? My oldest email in my inbox… was from 2002…but the majority of them went from present back to about mid-2009…

I think TWO things can be learned about myself from this post:

  1.  I’m an email hoarder—and I’m ok with that… (I delete my account at least when it reaches OVER 2727 emails!)
  2. If you want me to respond to your email in a timely fashion, you might not want to use the Yahoo! Account…because you might be the next email that sits “unread” in my inbox for over 15months, before I do this process again and discover that I haven’t read it yet!

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