The Continuation of the Sealift Saga…

Well I can now say that my sealift is out of the crate, and into my ‘sealift room’ (some might refer to this is a pantry) in my house.  I am a bit bruised and sore, but managed alright in the end to get it inside..with a little help from a friend! Then I spent another couple of hours today–looking in boxes pulling out some items…and moving the boxes around!

I didn’t get any shots this year of the boat unloading…partly because they did it at high tide–which was at like 5am or so on Friday morning! But when my mum was here in 2009 we watched one afternoon the unloading of the sealift boat.  If you’d like to see stories and photos from that day… click HERE.

I went down to the beach before work on Friday morning.. to sign off that my crate had met the ‘high water mark’ unharmed.  All was good…I was excited to see my crate on the beach…at the bottom of a bunch of other crates!

As I went to walk to work… it was quite busy on the beach.. and I had a few obstacles to move around–and not get in the way of the unloading/shifting that was happening of crates and C-cans.

I headed home on Friday after work…and no crate at my house!  (I kind of expected this…as ‘personal’ cargo is the last to be moved to the respected homes…usually the Co-0p; Construction stuff gets moved first…).  On Saturday afternoon my crate arrived!!!

Here’s the crate in front of my house–with a shot from my iPhone!  The crate was 1.22m wide, 1.88m high and 1.88m long and weighed 1327lbs!  I waited til later that evening when my friend came back to help me open this sucker up!  I don’t have a crow bar OR a hammer here in Pang yet, they are in my ‘shipment of personal effects’ that I sent up from Winnipeg! (here’s hoping that will show up this week…)

After the lid was off then came the job of getting the boxes out of the crate!  My friend reached in with the help of a ladder and got a few boxes out… then he ended up getting inside the crate and passed them to me… I brought them into the house.  I just piled them in my boot room…and a bit in the living room.  (Only to have to move them again today (Sunday)!) It was a lot of work..but I think we managed to get the crate unloaded in about an hour and a bit… I wouldn’t have been able to do it without help!
This morning after I had some breakfast…I started the job of moving the boxes up to my sealift room.  I unpacked a few of them(this is because I possibliy might be moving into another house at some point in the future–and didn’t want to unpack all the boxes only to have to re-pack them!) I did however, open all the boxes up..and pull out some of the things I want to add to my cupboards straight away!…

Here’s a shot of my sealift closet, I think you can tell which is the BEFORE and which is the AFTER!

There’s a lot of food there…and some of the purchases are a bit funny.  But  that’s a story for another time…!

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  1. It really is like Christmas — and all the ‘gifts’ are things you really want 🙂

    • SarahontheRoad

      Yes, it is… never thought I’d be so happy to see flour, sugar and other baking items!!! (well as well as the ‘treats’… hehehe) mmm chocolate!

  2. Hey – looks great – what a lot of work – glad to see you getting some food!!! Love Mom

  3. Did your chocolate come ok?? The last two years in a row all my chocolate melted in the crate and was disgusting. I didn’t bother buying any this year. I hope yours did ok.

    • SarahontheRoad

      I only really got ‘chocolate chips’ and a few chocolate bars… and for the most part–they are OK from what I can tell.. one of the bags of the choc chips has a bit of a clump of chocolate at the bottom… but i’ll smash it up.. and use it anyways!!! 🙂

  4. Love the before and after shot… Lol

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