Journey to the Other Side…

It’s been a bit of a crazy week and I have been meaning to blog about my amazing Sunday–but dealing with my “personal effects” shipment that arrived on Monday from Winnipeg–and the huge mess it was… put blogging to the back burner for the week!  I am still sorting stuff out–but I’m ok. I’m not really wanting to talk about it publicly here–if you want to know more details just send me an email!

Last Sunday I had a fantastic evening…I was invited by a friend to join her on a bit of an adventure.  I travelled across the fiord by boat and then hiked up to the base of the rocks.  We were picking Qungulik.  The english equivalent is mountain sorrel.   I made it to the TOP and back down—walking down was harder than walking up!

This spot is known as “seagull mountain”…because there are TONS of seagulls at the top of the rock! We were going to hike to where the dark green is just at the base of the rock face…

Hiking, one of those things that you can do at your own pace… I like to take my time, and take some photos on the way up!

It was fun to see Pang from on the other side of the fiord…it was the first time I was over here… (and YES, Jen–those SPOTS are still there no matter WHAT I do..can’t get rid of them… I think you WILL have to come up HERE to help me get rid of them! so just ignore them in the next few photos!) 

I’m always thankful when I can pass my camera to friends..and then can capture moments like this for me!  Thanks Susan… 🙂 

Looking at Mt. Duval… 

Once we reached the top–we started to pick… and eat!

Mmmmm Qungulik–it’s so tasty.. it’s a sour taste..but it’s yummy.  I’ve been having it in salads and last night put it in my tacos–instead of lettuce–it was good! 

…we were all picking down the hill a bit.. and then came some excitement the kids who had moved further up the hill–found HUGE plants… so we quickly went up and got some of those!  

As well as ‘picking’…we also had fun–laughing, telling stories, just enjoying the day–and EVEN hiding amongst the plants!

Thanks to Susan for taking the photos of me! 🙂 She has a great photo eye!

These girls picked a lot–but then just were hanging out on the rock… 

Just before we headed down to the bottom of the hill and back to the boat–we stopped to take a ‘group’ shot… it was a bit hard to figure out–think about a slant of a hill–setting up my camera with the timer… and balancing it on a backpack–then rushing down to the group–without tripping!  for the most part it worked pretty darn good! 🙂 

Getting organized to jump back in the boat!  (this was the one time I got nervous–getting INTO it off the rocks…I kept seeing myself slipping and then ending up going in for a swim!) 

Once on the boat…we started to drift away from the shore.. and shared some dinner together… of Muktuk(whale skin and blubber), bannock, qungulik and tea! It was the perfect end to a fantastic night… 

I’m so glad I had such an awesome Sunday…looking back, it made the craziness of Monday a bit more bearable.  I think one of the things I’ve learned the most from living up here is you have to take the GOOD with the BAD and continue on.  Things never go as you expect them to go, and you just have to roll with it.  You just deal with what you have to deal with, and move on. Doing that might take a few phone calls to loved ones in the south, and I’m thankful for my mum who spent most of Monday night on and off the phone with me.  So here’s to more amazing Sundays…

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  1. So pretty. Looks like a lot of fun except for the whale skin and blubber — no way I could eat that!

    • SarahontheRoad

      It’s so tasty—a bit chewy…and REALLY good dipped in soya sauce… 🙂 living up here you have to open up your mind to eating new foods! Who would have thought that the picky eater I was as a kid would grow up to eat so many different things! 🙂

  2. this is too funny. eating whale of chinet plates and kiddos in Justin Bieber shirts!!

  3. Muktuk is great. But muktuk and soya sauce? A-frikkin’-MAZING! *sigh*

  4. Sarah, discovered your blog through Lina in Estonia, and am absolutely amazed that you are in Pang! Beautiful photos! Teaching i presume? we will have not crossed over but I have in the past done casual social work and a number of times been in Pang, the last being in April 2011, when i broke my hip x-c skiing one Sunday morning and medivaced to Iqaluit and Ottawa but that is a whole other story. Just happy to have discovered your blog…there is a group of Nunavut bloggers, of which you probably already know.

    • Thanks for your comments Bonnie. Sounds like you had an adventure leaving Pang last time you were here! Let me know if you ever come back… Sarah

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