Back to School…

Although this year I won’t be heading off to school…as a teacher or student–which is kind of weird for me.  (But honestly I’m kind of glad that I’m not, but then again–I kind of miss the idea of school…perhaps not the essays, but the learning, and social scene etc!) After typing this I just realized that I too might be heading back to school to finish up 2 classes that are required for a Certificate in Adult Ed I was working on… hmmm I guess I should start working on that.

Just because it’s that time of year and because my Facebook home page is full of ‘back-to-school’ news… I thought I’d jump on that bandwagon and send some “Back-to-School” greetings to some people I know heading back!

The first person that jumped into my mind is my nephew, Samuel, who is heading back to school today… heading off to the big world of SK (Senior Kindergarten)!

Dear Samuel, I hope you have a fantastic day… and you have lots of fun with your teacher and classmates!  I can’t wait to hear about school next time we skype!

🙂 luv, Aunt Sarah…

And secondly, I’d like to also send some best-wishes and greetings to my old co-workers at RRC…

To the ECE Crew at RRC,  Hope you also have a FANTASTIC year…wishing you all the best as you start off Term 1& 3!! You are an incredibly talented crew of people…and I’m glad I got to work with you for the 18months that I did!! 🙂

(I grabbed this photo from Facebook–I sent the ‘edible-arrangement’ to everyone a few weeks ago, when they were back at the college prepping classes, and easing back into the work scene after the summer!…)

Hope that everyone that has a child going to school…or is returning to school or is a teacher.. have a fabulous year! Fall in the air… which means winter is around the corner…I’m actually starting to get excited about seeing snow, ok I guess I shouldn’t get too far ahead of myself…


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