Hiking to the top…

This morning, I set an alarm and got out of bed early for a Saturday… those who know me know this isn’t a normal Saturday Morning Ritual.Today I hiked up to the top of the hill behind town–with the cross on the top!  I’m totally thankful that my friend convinced me of starting up the hike early!  I hadn’t hiked up the hill when I lived here in 2009.. so was excited to do it… we started off on our way just after 8:30am!  The sun was starting to peak out and there was blue skies (but this didn’t last for our whole trip!).


Walking on tundra is such a fun feeling…it’s so spongy, squishy…and nothing else is like it! It also adds another physical element when you walk up it!  Here’s the a picture from the other day of the hill… you can’t see the cross in this one…but it’s up there! –there was no snow, except for a few small patches stuck around rocks… My friend and I stopped a few times… to take in the view and just talk!  (when your walk consists of you going up, up, and more up… you need to take a breather once and while!)

Then we saw the cross… (at times with the rocks, we couldn’t find it and had to continue on). At different points on the walk… I had to take some self-portraits…always a fun thing! We got to watch the First Air flight land, and then take off again… it’s always amazing watching the plane land!

The Cross kept getting closer… (at some points, I was like… I think i’m high enough… I don’t really need to get to the top–but then I’d keep on plugging and walking!) 
Finally at the top…. it was so worth the view–and I’m glad to have made it!  As you can see the tide was low… 

A shot of my house… I currently live in the townhouse with the RED roof–I’m in the 2nd unit from the right–with the DARK grey front!  I had to add to my ‘cheesy’ photos from travelling… I could put together quite an album of photos of crazy faces in front of awesome views/historical sites… Makes more fun memories!
Those feet took me to the top of the mountain… (now I say ‘top’ but really it’s the top that you can see from town, but is a false summit–not the actual top of the mountain!)… but it’s as high as I got and I’m ok with that.












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  1. Great shots! I can’t wait to get a view of my own from up there.

  2. Why is the cross up there? And love the colors in the firstcouple of picture of the tundra… Winter is coming… Lol

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