I remember…

It so hard to believe it’s been ten years since the Towers fell and the Pentagon was hit. It’s one of those moments in my life that I think everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing.  In 2001, I was living in North Bay, Ontario finishing my last year of university. It was the first week of classes..it was the week of classes where you showed up to your lecture only to meet your prof, get your class outline, a brief lecture about course expectations, and then are sent home! I was pretty excited to have a FREE day and was going to be able to head home to watch some good old daytime tv… and then go back to my 7pm class. So that morning I got up and headed up to the University to go to my 8:30am class and arrived back at my apartment around 10am–unaware of what was happening in NYC.

I turned on my tv–wanting to watch something..and quickly flipped past all the ‘American’ news briefs–I think it was the time that President Bush was addressing the country. I was just standing in front of the tv a bit annoyed that the US was taking over OUR Canadian tv with some silly announcement–I didn’t realize what they were saying.  I was still flipping through channels to try to find something other than the CNN news coverage.  But I couldn’t find one… so I paused on a channel  and I saw it then, the reply of a plane hitting the tower… and then seeing the 2nd tower being hit.  I remember standing in shock in my living room… and watching eyes glued to the tv-trying to make sense of it….soon after watched the North Tower fall, horrified not sure what to think. I think I was in shock.  I don’t remember much else, other than praying and hoping that there would be some survivors in the wreckage. I spent most of the day re-watching the coverage of the planes hitting, and the towers falling-it was a horrible cycle repeated over and over and over on the tv.


Like everyone else in the world, I will remember the people that died in the towers, the rescue workers that were the first on the scene, the people who died at the Pentagon…the people on the flights that were hijacked and the families that have gone on without their loved ones the past decade.  May we never forget.

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