Picking Blueberries…

I shared the first part of this adventure climbing the hill HERE.  Coming down the hill behind town this past Saturday my friend and I stopped to pick some berries.  Thankfully my friend brought an extra ziplock baggie, (I forgot one)…it was fun to just to chill and pick me some berries!

some people sit or squat to pick berries.. and I did do that..but sometimes, I just like to lay down on the hill and pick away! (probably not the most productive way to do it…but I’m ok with the amount of berries I got!) Set the timer up on my camera to take a few shots… (this is probably why I didn’t get as many berries as some ‘expert’ pickers out there!..)

(And my friend took the photo above of me…. once we were picking closer together…)

I am in love with the fall colours on the tundra–so pretty!!!

Mmmm mmmm Berries!!! 🙂 

Ok.. so I did get MORE than this… but didn’t end up taking a photo… just took one after the first few berries!!
It was the perfect end to the day… I’ve been sick the last few days, so haven’t done anything with the berries yet..but have some plans, you’ll have to stay tuned for those!

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