Wordless Wednesday VII: Night Photography Take 1

Saturday night I heard a knock on my door and was asked if I’d like to go out for a night shoot!  So off I went in search of the Northern Lights… I didn’t find those (they seemed to disappear before we got out and set up!) But I did take the above three photos. With a little help and suggestions, I was able to get my camera set up to shoot at night! It’s great to shoot with a photographer that’s better than you–because I learn so much!

Thanks Mike for the help and suggestions…  and for knocking in the first place, can’t wait for the next time… Mike is an incredibly photographer and artist!  You can check out his blog, HERE.

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  1. Prior to reading the last line of your post I was thinking, “Great shots, you could give Mike Davies a run with those” Mike has some great work on his site, but your photography is right there with him. Nice.


    • Thanks Dave… I was really happy with these shots. One BIG difference between Mike and my work… is he gets PAID to do it.. and has had quite a few of his photos bought by some celebrity and royal couples! I think a few people in my family have my stuff… 😉

  2. Great photos! I love the second one the most — all nature 🙂 Beautiful.

  3. Pretty awesome…looking at these, I miss Pang (though Kugluktuk is very nice). Just to let you know, I always keep up with your blog but, if it’s through twitter or facebook I don’t always comment.

    I need help with my camera! I know I have the equipment to take amazing shots, but I still haven’t quite figured out the settings.



    • …it’s tricky getting all the settings, I’m glad that Mike was there to aid me… I’m always amazed that they turn out!

      Thanks for your reading… I often read blogs too but rarely comment… hope Kugluktuk is treating you well! S

  4. Great shots. You’ll have to pass on your new found knowledge to me one of these days. But one question… what happen to WORDLESS Wednesday 🙂 hehe.

    • LOL… it was “almost” a WORDLESS Wednesday–but felt like I HAD to explain what I did… and it’s my blog and I can make exceptions to the rule right? We all know how I like to talk.. and well perhaps I’ll have to be less WORDY on my next WORDLESS Wednesday?

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