Climbing Mt. Duval…

When I lived in Pang in 2009 I climbed Mt. Duval three times…(you can read/see photos from those times  HERE, HERE and HERE!) Yesterday, I climbed it again with Nick, Morena and her dad.  It was a great climb, glad I did it in the end because the view from the top is worth it!   I’m glad that Morena’s dad came this week and not any later in the season, because there’s definitely snow at the top of Duval right now and it’s just going to get deeper!

My feet near the top of Mt. Duval… and a view of Mt. Duval from the bottom!

Starting on our way up… because of the temperature…the tundra was pretty solid…which made it a bit easier to walk on!

Shots from along the way… yesterday was Day 1 of my photography challenge–so took a few ‘self’ portraits on the way up the mountain…(I’ll blog about those on Monday!) Now I just need to decide which one I like the best…

And then we hit the snow… at this point it wasn’t that deep, later in patches it was up to our knees! Close to the top..we started to see patches of BLUE skies coming through the clouds! One of the things I realized that if you need a break in climbing up–you can always ‘stop’ to take a photo… but then again, because I hung back at the back of our group… I did manage to get some fun shots of everyone as they climbed up! It took us 3 hours..but we all finally reached the top!  The view was SO WORTH it!! A bit cloudy, but you there was still an awesome view–of Pang to the left and the Pass to the right!  We warmed up with some Hot Chocolate, snacks–took a few photos and then decided to hightail it down again–because it was darn cold up there!
Morena took the next photo of me, thanks!   (the one below was another ‘self-portrait’…) …some frosty, snow bits on the side of a rock… We made it down the mountain in an hour and half…it always quicker on the way down eh? We did head down a different way… and got to navigate through some rocks… that was fun!

Morena thanks for inviting me to climb.. I had a blast!

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  1. I want to climb that mountain!! Awesome pics!!

  2. It was a great time. Thanks for coming!

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