After 24 hours without phones or internet.  This wasn’t my choice, but this experience made me realize two things: 1.  how isolated life can be here, and 2. how much of life now is dependant on ‘technology’ and being connected.

I remember last month when Kelli Hampton wrote about her day being “Unplugged” on her blog.  I remember thinking when I read it, I’m one of those people that twitches when I can’t check email. (I’ll admit it!) It’s very easy to stay connected to ones you love that live far away via technology.  I have no issues with living in such a remote place because I am connected.  I can Skype my family, friends… share photos and call ones I love on the phone–thank you technology! One of Kelli’s points in her writing was how it was important to maintain a ‘balance’ of plugged and unplugged times… that being connected isn’t a horrible thing, but if it’s making you miss out on other life’s activities then you need to reassess your priorities.

My ‘unplugged’ day wasn’t of choice…it was a totally weird day… at some point last night the satellite that keeps us connected to the rest of the world decided to turn towards the sun and because of that didn’t work. You can read about it HERE.  That meant no long distance phone calls–we could still call locally though! It meant no emails, no google, no Facebook, no blogging…no checking the news to see what was going on… it also meant a lot of flights were grounded (because there were no weather updates for the communities).  The Co-Op and Northern stores were open business like normal but only if you had the CASH–no interact or credit cards.  In a town where there IS no bank.. it kind of made life even a bit more interesting, and made me realize how much of life is dependant on being plugged in.

I won’t lie, I twitched…

I think the hardest part of the day is that even if I wanted to I couldn’t communicate or get a message from the south, or receive a message from the south. It also made my day at work really interesting…with no email, or phone to make calls–but that also meant no calls or emails coming in!

All in all it was only 24hours… I’m glad that it didn’t affect our cable TV, or we didn’t have a major power outage as well!!  Yes, that’s one of those things to be thankful about in life… to be back in touch with the world.

Can you imagine life without cell phones, long distance calls or the internet?

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  1. I am a full on addict and it kills me when our internet is down!! However, I don’t twitch if I am out camping for a week or two. It doesn’t seem to bother me much then. But when I am at home and need my five minute break from my children, oh how I need my internet then!!

    • SarahontheRoad

      It’s funny how that works! I’m the same way… if it’s MY choice… then I’m alright to be sans internet..but if it’s NOT…then I start twitching!!!

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