Happy Thanksgiving…

Today I realized that I haven’t been home for Thanksgiving since 2008!  The last three years I’ve been living away from family and haven’t made the trip back to see family.  I think it’s because I’d rather try to make it home for Christmas rather than Thanksgiving.  Because of not being at home with family…I’ve made new traditions every year.  In 2009, I was living in Pangnirtung..and got together with a group of people and had a potluck fun filled Thanksgiving dinner.

Last year  I was living in Winnipeg… I posted a funny pictorial story about my ‘quest for turkey’… (go ahead and take a look–I’ll wait!).  I ended going to my Conni and Brent’s for Thanksgiving! (Conni was a coworker, another instructor at Red River College and invited me to come out to her house for dinner!)  It was a great day…I had a blast walking in the fields around her house, and met more of her family…but never felt like an outsider!  It was a bit later in the year that I started to refer to Conni as my MB Mum!–but I suppose that’s another story… Great memories were made…and looking through my photos even today makes me smile remembering it all!

This year, I’m heading over to Morena and Nick’s house for turkey… I’m blessed to join their family for this holiday!   I’ve baked my family’s special sweet potatoes (after a few phone calls to my mum, 1 to my sister-in-law, and another back to my mum…I tracked down the RIGHT recipe!) I attempted to make bread–well the first attempt didn’t rise; and the 2nd is still in process–fingers crossed that it turns out right!  I also made some ‘sweets’ for dessert…brownies, and some oatmeal-peanut-butter-drops!

I must admit that during this time of year it’s good to take a bit of time to reflect about life… and this year it made me realize that I have so many good things in my life to be thankful for!  In no particular order here’s a few from my list….

I’m thankful for: family, friends-near and far away, good health, a job that I actually like, adventures-big or small, friends that have babies/ toddlers/ preschoolers/ school agers that I get to cuddle! For chocolate…and ice cream… and for technology that keeps me connected to the ones I love!

Now a post isn’t a post until I share a few photos right? This photo were actually taken in 2010…but I had to share because it’s just that good!

Photo by Ryan Bealer

Hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend… doing whatever traditions your family has created!  Enjoy your turkey… I know I will!!!


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  1. Are those the allusive Clandeboye wild turkeys that hang around Hwy 9? I tried to pet one at the store one day, needless to say it didn’t let me….and I ended up looking like the crazy one.

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