30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20

Day 16: Long Exposure…

Its been a long week!  I’m upset that on Sunday night I didn’t go out and try to catch the northern lights..because they were dancing like crazy!  Instead I tossed and turned trying to sleep…but I didn’t ’til 3am! (Lesson learned I should have gone out to shoot the lights!)  I decided to share my favourite shot from December of 2009 one of my last nights living here…the lights came out and danced for a long time!  More of the photos from that night can be found HERE.

December 20, 2009- Pangnirtung, Nunavut

Day 17: Technology…

Living so far away from family at the top of the world… I am so glad that there is technology.  But I’m also glad for some old fashion things like pen & paper, envelopes & stamps…because something even sweeter in the world is after a 20min walk to the post office…a LETTER waiting for you, when you open up that post office box!

Day 18: Your Shoes…

All this week I’ve been sporting my fantastic rubber boots…they are quite the fashion statement!  But so easy to put on and take off…and they don’t leak!

Day 19: Something orange… 

Mmmmm Mango Nectar… so GOOD! I’m so glad I got this on my sealift food order! And well how can you go wrong with a Tigger glass?

Day 20: Bokeh

If you want to learn more about Bokeh you can check out some information HERE.  One of the things I love about living in the north is the amazing artists that can create amazing jewelery out of ivory from tusks and other natural materials.  Let me tell you, my earring collection grew in 2009…and it’s still not complete!  The earrings are Inukshuks and the necklace is an Ulu (woman’s knife).

I wasn’t 100% happy with the Bokeh in the photo above… so wanted to include one of my all time favourite photos that I took last December.  It’s of a friend’s daughter’s toes…I was holding her..and just gently grabbed her foot and snapped the photo with my other hand!

December 2010--Stella's Foot

So those were my last 5 days… I’m having a hard time believing that it’s already the 20th of October!  (is it just me, or has this month FLOWN by?) 10 more days…the best is still yet to come!   Why don’t you have a look at the other participants from the challenge…you can find the list HERE.

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  1. I love the sexy boots!! I have a short pair of muck boots and they are awesome. I much prefer northern fashion over anything I have seen here in the south! ahahahah

    • 🙂 thanks… the really funny thing is… I have a closet full of ‘southern-sexy’ boots in my closet here I didn’t want to put them in storage, when I moved here…but I’m not wearing heels any time soon in Pang!

  2. Great job. Love the little foot. I’m a huge fan of little feet.

    • Thanks… little feet are amazing! I took Stella’s pictures when she was about 4months old–but she was a premie and so tiny, but so alert!

  3. I have to get boots soon before the snow starts and that is my main concern that they are easy to take off, I hate going to someones house and I am at the door for 10 minutes getting my damn shoes off!

  4. I LOVE the second shot of Bokeh… what an awesome shot with the little toes! Love love love

  5. Love the little feet too! And with the boken up top you fulfilled the challenge…. =-)

  6. Seeing the northern lights dance in Alaska is on my bucket list. Your photo is beautiful. I agree with your bokeh picture. Your bokeh picture in the 2nd photo is pretty gosh darn textbook! Fantastic.

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