Hello, Moon…

It’s November and it’s almost like there’s been an official SWITCH in our weather!  (Or maybe I’m just slow to notice it…) There are two things I’d like to share with you all.  The first being the amount of daylight the days are getting shorter.  If you ever want to check Pangnirtung’s weather.. head over to the Environment Canada’s website .  It has all kind of fun facts, like a forecast and temps and also times of sunset/sunrise.

Random Fact 1: Today the sun rose at 8:26am.  (Maybe that’s why I had a hard time getting out of bed, and hit snooze for so long!?)

Random Fact 2: Today the sunset at 3:49. (So walking home from work… I got to see the moon rise up from the hills!)

This weekend when the time ‘falls back’ an hour… the benefit will only be seen for a short period of time…as we are still loosing about 8mins of sunlight a day.  I’m ok with this… I just feel sleepy all the time!  (It’s a good thing that it’s cold…because it’s perfect for hibernating a bit).  Now don’t you worry I do take vitamin D + other vitamins regularly and also intend to get some sun-therapy at some point before the year ends!

The other thing I’ve noticed…it’s definitely starting to get cold up here!  As I was typing this.. Toronto’s Global News was in the background.  I started to laugh because the weather report just started.  Anthony Farnell just told everyone, “You may need your hats, mitts and scarves tomorrow morning because it will be cold in the morning” (My eyes go to the TV screen–it shows that overnight Toronto will dip down to a low of 0).

I guess my idea of ‘cold’ and Toronto’s idea of ‘cold’ are a bit different!  Because currently right now the website is telling me that it’s currently -15C here…(with the windchill)…and I’m just starting to say it’s cold!  I hope all my friends in Toronto bundle up well.. as they start their day off tomorrow around 0!


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  1. Last night we went out for soda and it was so very very dark and I asked my husband the time and it was 5:30 but now I feel I should be lucky that we till had light earlier then that!! I am curious about the light therapy does it just help overall with the constant darkness?

  2. Love your moon pic!!! Very cool…

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