Batten down the Hatches…

There’s weather brewing up here at the top of the world… there’s a storm system causing craziness between Baffin Island and Greenland that’s causing all of this! Here’s a screen shot of  Environment Canada’s website…


In case you can’t read that… Saturday: ” Wind East 50km/h gusting to 70 increasing to 100 gusting to 150 early in the afternoon. High plus 1″.

Pangnirtung is known for it’s high winds… last year at the end of November there was a huge storm and a roofs were taken off a few houses, boats were swamped and some trucks were turned over!  I walked to the store earlier today, to do some groceries…and people were preparing all through town!  Hunters were getting their boats out of the water, or securing them… at the store people were stocking up on items to carry them through!

I live on the ‘windy’ side of town… (actually in the November 2010 storm I was told a piece of roof actually came and hit the front of my house, and broke the window in the living room-I hope that doesn’t happen again!)  I’ve started to prepare a bit for the storm…some of the things I have are extra water jugs, food, flashlights, candles and matches ready. I’m also listening to the local radio…for updates on the emergency procedures.

I do have an offer to head to the less windy side of town to weather out the storm…but I’ll decide what I’m going to do tomorrow!  Maybe I’ll wake up and it will be the storm that never happened? Usually with any kind of storm like this, the power is knocked out for a period of time–so if you don’t hear from me in awhile…it was a big one!

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  1. Take care… Sounds like a grand adventure!!! Never a full moment…

  2. I’m crying copywrite infringement!!! haha… You’ll have to show me how to get the screen shot, I wanted to do that too but couldn’t figure out how.

    • Morena… I honestly didn’t see that you had posted til after I posted mine… then saw that you did it about an hour earlier! oops… I have a Mac program that I can do to do screen shots… no sure how to do it on a PC? I think you need a special program? not 100% sure tho… 🙂 S

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