Windy…but not crazy winds!

Well I’m back home… I just spent the last 24hours at a friends house. Thanks for your hospitality Morena and Nick… Yesterday morning when I woke up  I decided I didn’t want to be on the ‘windy’ side of town…in my townhouse during a storm if the winds were going to gust up to 150km/hr!

So I gathered together some food, clothes, camera and computer and headed downtown.  All day we were ‘waiting’ for the storm to hit… and the wind did blow, but not at the crazy as predicted. (Thank goodness)… I had a blast, playing play-dough…blocks and watching cartoons.  The power didn’t end up going off… so no glow-stick dance parties this time!

Though at times our internet connection was lost! The winds didn’t really get up to 150km/hr…but did get up to at least 68-70km/hr gusts (taken from the Environment Canada Website).  I was glad to be with friends…and not all alone wondering if my roof would fly off!

But me and my red shoes are safely at home…watching the snow fall outside.


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