Dance Parties in the Kitchen…

A lot of people know I hate to cook…but well baking is a total different matter!  It’s something I LOVE to do!!!  I have a lot of memories of baking with my gramma and mum when I was young…My gramma makes the best Choc-Chip Cookies (until her cookie factory closed-she still has the sign at the cottage but rarely makes them!).  I remember helping bake birthday cakes, cookies and other goodies…then there were a few years I helped iced special cakes for my cousins!  (don’t look too closely at the cake I iced today, because I think my skills at 12years old are better than they are now at 31!)…Baking always interested me more than the cooking thing in the kitchen…but I have learned to cook a few dishes, because sadly you can’t just live on baked goodies!

When I talked about living in the north and returning…a lot of people’s first question is what do you do way up there for fun? Well… one fun way of getting through the cold and dark nights of the winter is to have dinner parties, potlucks, game nights etc!  I’m off to a friend’s dinner party…and am brining dessert!   So this morning I woke up fairly early for me on a Saturday morning (around 10:30am)…I made some breakfast.  Turned on my iPod…and started to prepare to bake…cookies and a cake!

The Christmas after moving into my first apartment in Toronto my God-daughter gave me for Christmas one year the “Better Homes and Gardens- special edition cookbook”.  That September I had walked in Toronto’s “Weekend to End Breast Cancer” (they have changed the name now) it was a 60km walk in 2 days!  This cookbook supported Breast Cancer research, so I think that’s why I ended up with it!  Honestly it’s been one of the BEST gifts I’ve ever gotten…it’s the BEST cookbook I’ve ever had!  Has the best recipes…for a lot of my cakes, cookies.  If I want to venture into cooking main courses it has anything you’d need to know about cooking meats and veggies!  I’d so recommend getting this cookbook to ANYONE starting out in their own house!

That’s was on of the first things I pulled out of the cupboards…I found the recipes for today….got my Kitchen Aid mixer set up… then I started on the mixing and baking….

Then I looked over to my kitchen sink… if you know me you know I HATE doing dishes!  I think the root of this dislike comes from the eczema I had as a kid (and still prone to outbreaks) added to the fact that my hands don’t really like the dish gloves either(and often would react to them, still do)… makes me NOT really wanting to do dishes EVER!  But when you live alone… it has to be done, well at least once and awhile!  So I headed over to the sink and did my dishes*…

* not all of the dishes were from today… most were from earlier this past week!

As I was doing the dishes I was putting cookies in and out of the oven… I must say my house now smells YUMMY!

I had so many cookies… I was even able to share with my neighbours and their kids!

As I was writing the last of the daylight has come…it got dark about 2:30pm today!  I’m glad I got up early and had my dance party in the kitchen with some baking on the side…just so I could enjoy the light!  Hope you are having a fantastic Saturday… I can’t wait to join friends tonight and have some cake!

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  1. I bet one of your favorite purchases has been your big mixer… Sorry, I forget the proper name… Lol

    • Kitchen Aid Mixer… and yes, I’d wanted one FOREVER..and was so excited earlier this year to get one with my Aeroplan points!!! 🙂 what an awesome reward… although that was before I knew I could use those points to fly south!

  2. I think the baking you did as a child was totally with grandma – I was am not a great baker – miss you bringing over treats – love Mom

    • maybe…but I do remember baking brownies with you mum–the first few times…then after that I took over the ‘brownie’ making process! 🙂 I’m hoping to do some ‘Christmas’ baking the next few weeks… but not sure it will last until I get to see you!

  3. Mmmmmm, can you send some my way? I hate to cook and bake…I am the worst stay at home mom there is:)

    • Lindsay… next time I’m in your ‘hood..and stopping in.. I’ll totally bring some baked goods…as long as I get to cuddle and hold your newborn! 🙂

  4. Your cake looked awesome and so beautiful. Those cookies looked yummy. I so love your photos!

    • Thanks for your kind words Karen…hope you are doing well… 🙂 the cake was so yummy…haven’t had any of the cookies yet!

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