Green Carded…

Travelling up north is never a given that you will get from Point A to Point B.  Today I was ‘green carded’ on my boarding pass before I got on my flight back to Pang.  The Green Card is NEVER a good sign.  Basically this sticker tells us that ‘landing is subject to weather’ and that if we don’t land the airline is not responsible for our hotels, meals etc.  This is a common practice of the airlines that flight up north! Our flight was delayed for about an hour because of a cross-wind reported in Pang (this isn’t a good sign!)  and then it was reported that  there was a low ceiling–but the flight went on hoping to land! As we flew closer to Pang, we started to fly above the clouds.  Then ducked down at the beginning of the Fiord to fly under the clouds. In Iqaluit there was no clouds or wind… and you could see tons from the windows.

Everyone on the plane had ‘crossed their fingers’ hoping as we would land…it was like everyone was holding their breath. Wishing with all their beings that we would land.  As I looked out the window I got to see some of the ice has been forming on the fiord!

…then we pulled up and started to circle Cumberland Sound for awhile above the clouds!  After a moment the pilots made an announcement and told us that we had gotten fairly close to Pang, but the airplane was started to ‘ice-up’ so they pulled up.  They were in contact with the ground and were going to circle the Cumberland Sound to see if they would attempt a landing a second time.

After making a few circles over the Cumberland Sound, above the clouds… we started to pull up.  The pilots said that we were heading back to Iqaluit, as they  weren’t going to attempting a landing again. 

So after arriving at the airport at 8am… about 2 hours and a bit in the air… I was back in Iqaluit-and  checked back into my Hotel by 12:40!  Weather delays are a bit annoying, but they don’t stress me out.  It’s just something you have to ‘roll’ with the punches with.  There’s nothing that can be gained from complaining! You just embrace it and make plans with friends… (which I have done!)

I’m just glad that I rebooked my flights to leave Pang for holidays… this will give me a few extra days to leave Pang before I need to fly to Toronto.  This ‘window’ should probably work fantastic so I won’t be delayed!  You just have to travel smartly… and also make friends in places where you get ‘weathered’ out frequently!

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  1. “First Air regulations” — like it’s a government-imposed regulation they can’t do anything about, not something their company decided to impose on customers.

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