Happy Birthday to ME!

If all has gone well… yesterday I left Pang in the evening arrived in Iqaluit… and then Today in the early afternoon, I’ll be sitting on a plane heading to Ottawa…connecting and then heading to Toronto!  Where my mum and Kat will be waiting for me…

Before leaving Pang, I shared a birthday dinner with Morena… her birthday was earlier in the week.. so we picked Saturday night and had a dinner!  She makes some amazing lasagna, another friend made an awesome pizza, put together with the cake I made (thanks Becky and Stephanie for the mix!) it was a yummy celebration!  Despite the ‘icing’ emergency I encountered when icing the cake…it all tasted good! It was an awesome dinner with amazing company!

A birthday message wouldn’t be complete with me rock’n the paper party hat (just like all my family members had posted on their various birthdays over 2011!)…

This year has been amazing… I can’t wait to see what the next one brings!  I might start thinking up a list of 32 things to do when I’m 32…but we all know how I hate lists, and like to be pretty spontaneous!  But I might think about my list while I’m on my vacation…

The blog might be pretty quiet for the next week or so… I’m heading further south tomorrow, to Cozumel, Mexico—nothing like some FUN in the SUN to help celebrate your Birthday!  Add a few GREAT friends, beaches and sun I’m looking for a pretty fantastic week!  I’ll see you soon… all tanned and relaxed!

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  1. Happy Birthday 😀 Have a KICK-ASS time in Cozumel! ❤

  2. You look great Sarah!! Happiest of Birthday’s to you! Glad you got to celebrate with Morena! Cake looks awesome! I can’t wait to hear what’s on your list this year!

  3. I did a lot of new things since turning 33. I should have thought to make a list of 33 things. Maybe if I go back and see what I did and what I still can do before turning 34 in May… Now you’ve got me thinking!!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Your birthday dinner spread looks amazing.

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