...this is what you look like after walking 20mins in -30C! (my glasses were frosted over for most of the walk!)

Yes, I still can’t log onto Facebook.  Despite the photo above, which was taken on Tuesday evening…I’m not that happy about it at all!  Yesterday all day I had a headache…by 7pm it was bad…I was dizzy and the room was spinning and my head well I thought it would explode.  I ended up taking some meds and sleep but still woke up with an icky headache, and seeing some black spots but wasn’t dizzy anymore.  I’ve decided that this headache must be a side-effect or some kind of Facebook withdrawal symptom.  (Not from a migraine, that I suffer from once in awhile! LoL) Tonight it’s just a dull ache… but I hate how these headaches take it all out of me.

I did attempt to log into Facebook again a few hours ago…because well I thought maybe it would work!  When I hit the ‘enter a phone number’ button… this popped up!

That’s a new option the “call me” option… so I entered my phone number…and then this screen popped up…

Yes, I think FACEBOOK hates me.  Seriously? what is the problem.. I’ve only asked for ONE code… and they think that’s too much? I’m not really sure what to say or do at this point!  I waited an hour and the same response.  So that means it’s been 36hour and 21mins without Facebook.  I’ll be ok, I mean it’s just a social networking site right?

If you are reading this… the best way to get ahold of me is through regular email.  There’s an email  listed when you click on the “contact me” tab!

Thanks for the suggestions from the last post…apparently even if I did input a number, Facebook still has me on a timeout chair.

EDITED: Thanks to the use of a friend in the south’s cell phone…I was able to get a code to activate my Facebook account again.  This happened at about 8:40pm on Jan 26th!

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