A Northern Chapter Closed…

Part of the reason I love blogging is the community that is created that can stretch far across boundaries over the internets.  In 2009 I joined that Northern Blogging Community, when I was blogging as Newbie in the North…and soon started commenting on other Northern blogs.  Morena’s blog was one of those… then I got to travel to Cape Dorset for work and got to meet Morena in person! Since then we’ve kept in touch, via Facebook, emails and blogs…

Morena, Oliver, Tank and I...Cape Dorset- September 2009

Since moving back to Pang I’ve really enjoyed how our “online” friendship has turned into a “real-life-in-person friendship”!  I’m going to miss our girls nights…hanging out with your boys….and the dance parties that randomly start (plus many more things too many to list!). Thanks again for making me climb Mt. Duval–that was one of the days that was put into my memory bank! I’m glad for all the times we got to spend together over the last 6 months.

Today my friends Nick, Morena and their boys-Oliver and Issac and pets- Tank and Zazu headed south for the last time. Morena shared some of her last moments in her final Northern Blog Post. When one chapter closes, another one is waiting to be written…  All the best as you start writing that next chapter in your lives, as you settle into your new house…with PAINTED walls…and living close to family again.

I can’t wait to come visit you out East and have a few new adventures…ROAD TRIP!

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This blog is a spot to record my adventures in life while living where ever I may be!

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  1. Sarah!!! I’m honored…

    I’m going to miss you too. I hope you do keep that promise to come visit sooner than later. And Sarah’s Mom… You are welcome too 🙂

    Thanks for everything you did to help us get ready to leave. X0X

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