Clarity on a Cold Arctic Night…

Tonight after work I put on some layers…bundled up nice and toasty and stepped out into the dark night.  As I took a short cut across the tundra on a walking path…I heard the crunch of the snow under my feet, my breath was frosty (my glasses started to fog up!) and I started to feel the boogers in my nose as well freeze.  I looked up and saw a faint trail of Northern Lights dancing over my head. It was one of those perfect nights to be outside.

Its surprising how your senses come alive when you are walking. Perhaps this was due to the  -32C windchill with an actual temperature of -28C…but it was still an awesome night for a walk.  This week I’ve started walking 2 nights with a friend and her dog..we leave about the same time, and meet up and continue on our walk.  It’s amazing how much a 30-45min walk can give you perspective, it definitely clears your head.  Or maybe that’s just brain-freeze taking over my thinking!

Today I read an blog post by Kelle Hampton.  Ever since I stumbled upon her blog two years ago, I’ve been a faithful reader. Even though I know she publishes regularly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays…I have to check back just in case she’s posted on an ‘off-day’, so I might be a blog stalker–but who isn’t? Kelle’s blog Enjoying the Small Things shares bits of her life through her amazing photography and cleverly crafted words!  Two years ago her second daughter, Nella, was born with Downs Syndrome.  Just recently did a story about Living with Down Syndrome and interviewed Kelle.  Her blog post from Wednesday February 1, 2012…although was talking about life and challenges of raising a daughter with Down really struck a cord with me for different reasons. (Go ahead and click and read…I’ll be waiting!)

Kelle wrote, ” There is reason for everyone to be unhappy. There is reason for everyone to be happy. What’s your focus?”

As I walked to meet up with my friend tonight I started to think.  What is my focus? I must admit… at times I am a girl that looks at life as the glass that’s 1/2 empty.  I have struggled and continue to struggle with wanting what my friends have, thinking that the grass must be greener on the married-with-kids-side-of-life, and how it’s rather dull here on the single-girl-in-the-Arctic-side-of-the-fence. I realized that this line of thought is focusing on the reasons to be unhappy, and I need to change my focus.

My mum reminded me tonight that I’m the type of person that takes a long time to process things…trying to sort it out before I can take action. (this can be viewed or labelled as procrastination..I like to think about it as my creative processing!)  I that this ‘revelation’ is not a quick one that just popped into my head today..but something that’s been slowly percolating in the back of my brain for awhile, that’s how all my great ideas are formed.  And today it all was clear to me, and made sense… Focusing on things that make you happy. Might not be rocket science, but really does makes perfect sense…and can be applied to all areas of my life. I know tonight that walking in the cold on a beautiful Arctic night with a friend and her dog made me crazy happy…I’m going to have to repeat that!

Kelle eloquently summed up her blog and wrote, “My point? You cannot wait for Life to come to you. You have to go get it–pursue it in a wild, passionate chase that includes the foreboding depths of challenge and heartache just as much as the ecstacy of triumph and success. You have to want it bad enough to seek it not only when things are rough and the pursuit of it brings the hope of change, but when things are comfortable and easy, and the quest for more living–more purposeful awareness–might even make you scared. It is in that fear–that breathtaking exhileration of “What If?”–that you rise to the occassion.

You step out of your comfort zone and experience the thrill of taking risks and the possibility of believing that, sure, things might be good, but if you stretched a little further, they might be great. I want to know great. And I will work hard to find it.”

Self portraits are always fun..these were taken to show how frosty one can get from walking outside for 40mins in -32C!

Stepping out of this limbo that I’ve felt my life become…to embrace everyday moments, adventures that I am living…focusing on the positives, and things that I can control…looking at the glass 1/2 full.  Recognizing that the grass maybe non-exisit in this single-girl-in-the-Arctic’s-side-of-the-fence..but the snow that’s there, it so makes an awesome crunchy sound when you walk on it in the cold dark nights!

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  1. Welcome to where the real fun of life begins… I’m glad that you can join me… =-). I loved your blog today… It was truly wonderful!

  2. It’s stupid that I don’t read your blog Sarah. This morning I did, and I really needed to hear it. I saw a picture with a glass and it said “1/2 air, 1/2 water…the cup is always full.” Happiness truly is what you make of it.

  3. the married-with-kids-side-of-life isn’t always so great either. Life is what you make it…. so make it great.

    Miss you!

  4. Mavis Lewis-Webber

    …and so few of us get to be where you are and envy you…

  5. Interesting to read this Sar, since I have always perceived you as a quick-thinking, spontaneous, happy-go-lucky, glass is half full kind of girl. I guess things aren’t always as they seem. Keep this in mind when you look at what your friends have, too.

  6. So very introspective. I’ve followed your blog for almost 2 years — you’ve inspired many. Stay positive Sarah ! You’re living the dream ! I moved from NYC to Colorado after one year of Nunavut blogs. Staying present in the N-O-W rocks.

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