An Afternoon on the Fiord…

…today I headed out onto the fiord to do some X-Country Skiing. I think the last time I did any x-country skiing was when I was in high school on the ski team in grade 10. Yep it’s been a few years!  After a phone call from friends…I got bundled up in a few layers…and grabbed my ski gear and headed to the fiord.  After all I bought these skis from someone leaving Pang in August… so I best be using them!!!!

Here’s a view from the fiord… I love that the moon was rising over the hills…and it was around 2pm when I took this shot!

I met up with Markus and Delia who were skijoring…just as I was leaving the harbour and almost on the other side of the pack ice.

Everything became quite frosty!  

Markus and Sola in action… 

As you can see.. the sun is setting on the fiord! Markus, Sola and Pepi(the little dog) look back at Delia and Akulik. The next photo is Delia and Akulik in action!

Me in action… I think at this point my legs were screaming at me…but all in all it’s was a great feeling!

Just wanted to say thanks for the emails and comments on my last post. Each one meant a lot!  Thank you. This last photo is of me once I reached home after about an hour and 1/2 out in the -22C weather.  I was a tad bit frosty… but still toasty warm under my layers!

Can’t wait to do it again… although next time I’m duct taping my heels hopefully that will stop the crazy blisters from forming! What did you get up to this weekend?

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  1. So glad you got out and did it! A woman of action you are… =-)

    Isn’t skijoring cool? I’d love to try that one day…

  2. Fun shots of us with the dogs! It was a nice day to be out. 🙂

    • it was so much fun… next time I want to head out when the sun is on the fiord! (but I suppose that means I can’t be lazy in the morning…)

  3. I want to see you skijoring!

    • Hmmm there’s two things holding me back from skijoring… 1. I don’t have a dog and 2. I’m kind of afraid of large dogs–like huskies! (but am working on that by spending time with my friends’ dog…)

  4. Hi Sarah,
    Ross & I enjoyed your blog BUT We think our weather is plenty cold enough. It was nice viewing your photography. Keep up the good work & positive attitude. Marriage & being single are like everything else. it takes work to find out just how lucky you are. I think You have a wonderful supportive family and for that you are Rich!

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