This morning I straightened my hair for the first time in awhile.  As I was finishing up… I looked in the mirror and thought to myself, “what the heck is that TINSEL doing coming out of the TOP of my head?” Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a morning person..and possibly was 1/2 asleep when I thought that thought.  But under closer examination, I realized it was a white/grey hair.  Yep, I noticed my first white/grey hair…it’s probably been going on for awhile up there on the top of my head.  I really wished I hadn’t looked so closely…and then I’d still be in happy denial! I knew it had to happen, and I know there’s just the 1 or maybe more–didn’t do that close of inspection…but it’s kind of that rite of passage deal. You know like welcome to Grey/White Grown-Up Club…I know many people have entered it before my age…I guess I’m finally grown-up enough to join!

The other thing I noticed when I was straightening my hair is my ‘weird’ hair cut.  I knew when I was on holidays the hairdresser I visited did a number on it…but well didn’t want to ‘correct’ it so just went with it. Yep, so now I have two very distinct layers in my hair.  I’m really glad I don’t worry about these types of things, honestly most of the time I have my hair under a hat, or in a pony tail!

The photo on the right is my "yes, I'm cool with these weird layers...until the next time I head south for a hair cut...kind of look" Convincing eh?

The days are getting longer…the sun rose at 7:05am and set at 4:07pm.  Yep, when I walked home at 5pm tonight I could still see the pink of the sun setting at the end of the fiord. It was nice to walk home in the twilight… a few more weeks and it will be still SUNNY when I walk home!

During coffee break today some coworkers and I were discussing how warm it feels now. Now our outside temperatures are still really cold…but it’s more of how our bodies feel in that cold.  One person talked about how last night they were doing some work outside on their snowmobile, thinking it was really warm.  But then went inside to see it was -30C.  Yep, apparently we have reached the point in our winter…that -20C or -25C or even -30C seems ‘warm’ if the wind isn’t blowing!  Well I suppose I should just keep telling myself that after all there’s only a few more months of snow left…

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  1. Ohh a grey hair!!! Downhill from here. ahahaha

  2. Hi Sar, read your post & I have a few comments. 1. I’ve ripped out two grey hairs since Christmas. I feel your pain. Perhaps the holidays were more stressful than we thought 🙂 but at least we can grow old together. And 2. I think your hair looks really pretty straight & I don’t think the haircut is so bad. Love Kat xo.

    • Thanks Kat… I’m glad we will are growing OLD together.. couldn’t think of a better gal to do it with! 🙂 luv ya.. Sarah

  3. You look like a Totally different person with straight hair!! It’s nuts!

  4. I am so with you on afternoon sun, it is a glorious thing!

    • I’m happy that it’s returning.. tomorrow the community is celebrating the return of the sun, with games on the ice… can’t wait to participate! 🙂

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