Red Light, Green Light..

Last night when I headed over to a friends to watch a movie… I noticed that my ‘red’ light in front of my house was out.  Let me back up and explain a bit.  There are no water or sewage lines here in Pangnirtung.  Instead every house has a water and sewage holding tank…mine is in the crawl space under the kitchen/bathroom…you can enter this area from my spare room!  There are water trucks and sewage trucks that come around and pump or fill the holding tanks in your house.  I think these drivers have one of the most important jobs here in town!

There are green and red lights are on the front of every house.  If the green light is on–it means your sewage tank is filled, and needs a pump out!  If your sewage tank is full, your house’s water automatically shuts off–so any waste water won’t back up into your house!   The red light is one that should be most of the time…because it lets you know that your water tank is FILLED! When the light is off…you need the water truck to bring you fresh water from the reservoir.

Left photo: Both Lights off Right Top to Bottom: Sewage Truck backing up...Water truck giving me more water...Red light is back on

After waking up this morning,I realized that I needed water to do laundry, shower, dishes etc… So when I saw the water/sewage trucks out and about in my neighbourhood–I called the garage and let them know I needed a pump and a fill!

Now that this has happened I don’t have any excuses I suppose I best put on a load of laundry and finish up  my dishes!


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  1. That’s a cool way for those things to be monitored… Do you get billed for those services?

  2. Thanks for sharing-interesting piece of insight-I can’t imagine not having sewage and water on mains, but I guess you’d have it freezing up on you out here huh?

    Do you have little trucks running around testing all the bulbs too? What happens if you get a power cut? :-S

    • Iqaluit does have a good piece of the city on water and sewage mains, but there still are water/sewage trucks to parts of the town that aren’t on the mains. In January, one of the main connections broke in Iqaluit. Here’s a new article about that situation…

      Some of the houses don’t have a light system or the lights don’t work…so then you just have to check your tanks–usually you can see when you are running low. But normally I don’t have to call for a fill-up, today I just did because I wanted to do laundry. I’m not 100% on the system, but I think the drivers keep track of what houses they go to…usually Sundays they visit.

  3. Ooo.. How interesting. I love learning about these little differences. More please 🙂

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