Friday Night Fun…

It’s awesome to think about all the different ways that fundraisers happen. When I lived in Winnipeg I went to a Bud-Spud-&-Steak Fundraiser a  fundraiser for the graduating class I taught.  I was lucky there winning 2 prize packs!  I have always had a bit of luck on my side.  One of the coolest things I won was a hot-air-balloon-ride for 2 when I was in grade 8…I took my Gramma because she was the one that encouraged me to fill out the contests in grocery stores! It was the COOLEST experience!

Tonight I went to a Loonie Toonie and Cake Walk at the high school.  A loonie-toonie is a fundraiser… that is a really popular way to raise money here in Pang. A couple of weekends ago, there was one done by a local Daycare…I ended up winning some HDMI cords.  (The funny thing was the night before I just ordered one online–so was able to cancel that order because I won the cords!).  Last fall I went to one at the high school and ended up winning a lunch bag…and a knife block–no knives, just the block.  Some of the items can be random, but that’s part of the fun!  Tonight all the money raised went to the Grade 12 for their class trip down south.

So how does it work? Well people in the community donate items…they can be can goods, beauty products, games, kids toys, hand made items-like art or dolls or duffle sock tops…the list goes on and on!  Some items are brand new, others are ‘gently’ used! Sometimes there are big ticket items, two weeks ago there was a brand new iPod…tonight it was Dr Dre headphones.

All the items are put out onto tables… and there’s a plastic bag in front of them.  There’s usually a $1 ticket table and a $2 ticket table…(you buy the tickets at the side…then wander around and put ONE of your tickets into the bag, and you keep the other one!)

There’s were also 50-50 tickets and a special $2 ticket draw for Dr Dre Headphones…(sadly I didn’t win these, I would have looked so cool walking around town with those guys on!) At the far end of the gym there was a cake-walk… this happened while people were buying tickets and putting them in different bags!  What’s a cake-walk? I think you pay $2 to be able to participate.  Then you walk around numbers taped to the floor, to music…and then the music stops–you need to be standing on a number.  If the number pulled is the one you are standing on–you win, and get to pick a cake!  There were some really amazing cakes made tonight…but didn’t get a photo of them!

Part of the fun of a loonie-toonie is helping to raise money for a good cause but also the social aspect…and the gathering of the community!  Tonight it was a blustery, cold night… the doors open at 6pm and then at 7pm the tickets started to be pulled.  It usually takes about an hour to go through all the picking…but as this happens you get to talk with friends!

However, one of the keys is to keep track of your tickets…and listen so that you know if your ticket number is called.  I wasn’t paying attention…and my ticket was pulled…there was a long silence…and I was like what number? and they repeated it and I was like.. “…that’s my ticket!” There was a bit of  teasing from the pay better attention.  I apologized, and felt like a fool…but I still won! So here’s me with my ‘winning’ ticket and my prize in a garbage bag…

What did I win?  I really wanted the package of flower cookie-cutters and never really looked at the rest of the stuff that was part of this package.  Well let me tell you, it was a pretty FUN package of stuff…

  • a pair of ‘one-size-fits-all’ panty hose (hmmm really? I didn’t know that they made a pair that fit EVERY size/shape of women, maybe I might be a tad skeptical!)
  • two amazing cards… one for my mum’s birthday(watch out mum it’s a good one!) and one for ‘Father’s Day’ (hmmm might have to re-gift that one to a loonie-toonie!)…
  • fun butterfly temporary tattoo.  Mum, does that tattoo look like something you were talking about? We can test it out in the summer-but you have to get to your goal before you get your ‘real’ one! hehehehe

I might just jinx myself here, but I’ve been to 3 Loonie-Toonies since I moved back to Pang..and at each one I won one prize.  I suppose that would make me 3-for-3!

Hopefully next time luck will STILL be on my side…

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