Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

Wednesday I flew from Yellowknife, NWT via Kugluktuk to Cambridge Bay, Nunavut!  It was a clear but crisp day, perfect for landing.  

I stayed in the ‘Green Row’… if you ever visit Cambridge Bay, stay here and you won’t be disappointed. It was the best sleep I’ve ever had while traveling for work- the pillows, duvet and bed were so comfy!  It was so great to get such a good night’s sleep while travelling.  

Shadow photos are so much fun. This one I took while walking home for dinner.  (Work bag in the front…hood up to block the wind…Camara bag in the back, with camera strap hanging down low… makes for a fun photo!)
Here’s a look at some of the random signs… Cambridge Bay has a pedestrian crossing in front of the schools!

Earlier in the week Cambridge Bay had gotten a lot of snow…and then the wind blew even more snow into town. There were some pretty impressive snow drifts in front of buildings!

The first time I heard about someone moving up to Nunavut to live was Anne and that was about 7 years ago. Who is Anne? let me explain a bit. Anne’s mum lived with my mum’s family, while she was finishing high school…and my mum has always thought of her as a big sister.  I have some crazy memories of visiting Anne’s family farm one easter when my brothers had a hockey tournament near there!  When I was in my university I worked a crazy job every spring in a whole-sale-garden-bedding-plants place…for two years I stayed with Anne’s parents while I was working there!  Anne was the one that introduced me to Pride and Prejudice and the BBC version which created my love for Jane Austin.  When Anne moved to Cambridge Bay I remember doing some research and thought to myself–I so want to go visit her there!  Fast-forward to 2012…it happened!

Last night after my meetings I headed over to her house… to catch up and visit!  She introduced me to another AMAZING show.  “Downton Abbey” have you heard about it? We only had time to watch the first hour of part 1, season 1…I’ve heard a bit of about this series, but it doesn’t show on my cable package.  I’m thinking a little online-shopping might be in order!  (Don’t worry mum I’ll get you one of Season 1 too!)


…while on the way to the airport today,  Anne drove me around town and I took a few photos of the views around Cambridge Bay.  The top one… you can hardly see it…but Mt. Pelly is in the background… (follow the power line…it is the white shape along that line in the photo.) The next photo is a view looking towards the Bay… and finally a view at the Bay…
After checking in to the airport…Anne and I drove up to the well as the maintenance base for the area DEW Line sites.  The ‘golf’ balls are pretty ginormous…

Anne it was great to see you again..and glad I got to have a quick visit in Cambridge Bay…let’s not let another 6 years go by until we see each other again!

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