Photo a Day April: Days 1 to 6

Wow, short work weeks are always the busiest!  I’m excited for lots of reasons…but the main one is I’m on holidays and visiting friends in Iqaluit!

Here I go for my next photo project with Photo-a-Day-April thanks to @FatMumSlim for putting together another amazing list of photo prompts.  I’m going to try to think-outside-of-the-box…but already in the first 6 days…I think I’ll need some more work on that aspect.  I  will post my photos every Friday! I’m excited because a couple of my friends from university are doing this too!  Michelle’s photos can be found HERE.

Day 1:  your reflection…

I was looking through some photos from my Christmas vacation…and saw the photo below… I never posted it..and love my reflection in my Aunt’s horse’s eye!

Day 2: colour…

Blue is MY favourite colour…here’s my Haliburton Teddy Bear sitting on my bed!

Day 3: mail…

…my Easter package didn’t arrive yet!(..that’s ok because Easter will last LONGER now!) But I did get the regular, bills…magazines…& coupons for my favourite clothing store(sad thing is they are IN STORE ONLY, wont’ be using those!)

Day 4: someone who makes you happy… 

* Photo taken in Cozumel, Mexico 2011 *

Kim is an amazing friend, and friends make me happy!  I’m excited that I get to spend some time visiting her while I’m in Iqaluit…. (on Wednesday, the day of the prompt…it was just 2 more sleeps until I left on my trip).

Day 5: tiny…

* Photo Taken April 2009: At Crater Lake, Auyuittuq National Park *

On Thursday, I was flipping through photos and found the one above…taken from a trip to the Arctic Circle in Auyuittuq National Park.  We were walking across Crater Lake.  It struck me that those people are so tiny…and natural landscape we live in is so majestic.

Day 6: lunch…

* Photo taken with the Hipstamatic App on my iPhone *

Lunch today…plane food… on my hour flight from Pang to Iqaluit! It wasn’t as appetizing as it looks…yahoo for ‘soggy’ sandwiches, I think I prefer the toasted sandwich that has the potential to be a bit frozen on the inside over a SOGGY non-toasted sandwich.  (that’s just a difference depending on which company you fly with!)

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  1. Cool pics… Love the colors in your teddy bear shot and your “tiny” pic was awesome… Sure do feel tiny against that mountain… =-)

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