“A Small Seed of Hope”…

At the beginning of February I saw a message on my friend Anna’s FaceBook page.  It was about a ‘Kickstarter’ Project for her friend Ahna Phillips.  I’ve never met Ahna…but being the curious person I am, I clicked over to check out her project on Kickstarter.  Kickstarter is a website where people can ‘raise’ money from friends and strangers in order to complete a project.  There are many different ones on the sites from creating Cd s, to movies to building community parks.  The person in charge of their project sets a ‘funding’ goal…and a date to reach that amount.  Then they come up with different incentives for people who pledge different amounts.  The ‘kicker’ is that the you don’t give any money to the project unless 100% of the funds were raised.

Here you can see the video Ahna created to kick start her project.http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ahnaphillips/help-ahna-phillips-make-a-cd/widget/video.html
Ahna’s project was fully funded by March 1st…then recorded in the month of March and now as of April 1st  is ON SALE! It was really neat to be a small part of making someone’s dreams come true.  I know that I’ve had help over the years making some of my dreams come true…so it’s nice to pass that along to someone else! I was so excited to download my copy of the CD.  There’s something about her music that just speaks to me…and her song “If I were brave”…already has become a favourite.

You can check out Ahna’s CD “A Small Seed of Hope” through clicking on the tab and listening.

If you’d like to buy a copy of the music head over to her page  Ahna Phillips CD “A Small Seed of Hope” .

Thanks Ahna for letting me be a part of your project! Can’t wait to see what future brings you…all the best!

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