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>Views from the Balcony…


It might not be fun to drive in.. but it sure looks pretty!!!

 Ice, just floating by…..


>I think I’m going to be in for an awesome sunset.. with these clouds…  right now it just started raining… but the sun is still shinning off in the distance over another part of the city!  I’m going back to chill on the balcony…. and enjoy the fresh air..(now that I FINALLY got a patio chairs and a table for out there!)…

>..the end to a perfect weekend!


One of the things I love the most about my apartment, is how I have a view of the sunsets… I still need to get some chairs that are ‘small’ but comfy and a table for my balcony..any suggestions of what I can look!?
After spending the day cleaning, organizing, dusting, and doing laundry…(all in prep for my friends coming over to watch the survivor finale!)
 I was relaxing with friends (watching the survivor finale) and happened to look out the window to see THIS! 
(yes, I stopped watching my TV and went to shoot these two photos…)
…Today was the first day I’ve felt like my place was a ‘home’, yes I still have three boxes left to unpack in the corner of my dining room, a bookshelf, a desk/table, and some bedside side tables…some art to get framed to put on my walls, BUT it’s HOME, and I have what I need to make it comfy! and I got to share it with two friends…from Winnipeg, which makes it even sweeter! it’s been 4 1/2 months…Winnipeg you are starting to feel like home, mind you it hasn’t been an easy road, and their still might be some hills to push up and get over!  Slowly but surely I’ll make this statement true, Winnipeg is my home for now!
Even though at times my iPod randomly plays on the speaker, and other crazy stuff sometimes happens…it’s MY home and I’m staying, the rest of that stuff.. BE GONE, I don’t like your kind here at MY HOUSE!!!

>First Friend Visit!!


Apparently all our ‘self-protraits’ didn’t really turn out so well…. I only snapped 3 photos—and well not really satisfied with any of them…here they are!
Mags was just here a short time (flew in from Toronto on Wednesday night.. and flew out later today)–the place she works is based in Winnipeg, but she gets to work from home in Ontario…YAHOO for being a writer!  It was so nice to have someone come and see my place…after all she’s the only one that has seen it besides me, and my super and the plumber–who had to fix something…that’s located in my bathroom (a tap for a vent thingy for the roof–i didn’t really ask questions!)…  Thanks again for coming!! it was nice to see you… 🙂

>Looking out the window….


Looking out my window…this morning I saw this frosty winterland–knowing it wouldn’t last long once the sun came out.. I grabbed my camera and took these shots from my balcony…hope you enjoy!

I cant’ wait to see all the trees full of green leaves in the summer.. and then in the fall!