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>Welcome to the Family…


I welcomed my own baby ‘apple’ into my family… April 30th…
…so my baby is just two weeks old today! 
I must say it’s been a bit of an adjustment—at times a love-hate relationship! 
I was soooooo excited when I exited the store with my computer! 
Early this week I had the files from my old PC to my MacBook Pro… (everything but my external hard drive full of all my photos I’ve taken in the last 2 years–I still have to do that!) Then the “dark” days came… on Wednesday night, I wanted to throw my new baby out!  (yep, it was being temperamental–and I didn’t know how to use it, and couldn’t get my DSL internet hook up to work, finally after 2 hours and some angry, frustrated txts to a friend… I figured it out!) When I went in for my first 1-to-1 lesson at the Apple Store the “trainer” couldn’t believe that I figured out what I had to do… (and I still am in shock that I figured out how to do it too!)
I suppose learning something new takes time…and I was aware it would be a bit of a learning curve… and now just need to be patient with myself…and learn it as fast as I can…with the least amount of beating myself up!

 After one of my one-to-one sessions…watching some videos online…and well practicing and ‘mucking’ about… it’s getting a bit better!  However, this new system..and learning new photo editing software…it’s come at a price to my blog… because not only am I learning a new ‘operating system’ I’m also learning new photo editing software…which I’m excited about–but its going to take some time!

Trust me, I’m still very happy with my purchase… just need to work out the kinks! 
Practice makes Perfect!!! 
*the two photos of me were taken by Ryan Bealer, all photos were taken on my iPhone 3GS