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>It was a Good, Good Night!!!


In the March, I heard that the Black Eyed Peas were coming… so I talked to my office mate.. and wondered if she’d like to come, and if she knew anyone else who’d like to go?!(she knew of one other person…so I got 3 tickets)…I ordered the tickets at noon on the Saturday they first became available–and we got FLOOR tickets… now fast forward to August 18, 2010… I hadn’t realized that my cousin would be here… so sadly she couldn’t come to the concert… but we all went out for a drink before hand! 
Apparently my co-worker knows the owner of the bar.. and well he gave us two shots for free!! (yummy!)
And then we went off to the MTS Centre… just in time for the ‘peas to come online… we purposely didn’t go to see “T-Pain” I think the reason is self-explanatory… (i really don’t know who that is and at the time drinks sounded better!?!)
The floor was awesome… I was using my ‘old’ digital point and shoot camera.. that I got for Christmas of ’05…and it used 3 sets of batteries during the 2 hour concert… (I was so missing my ‘big’ camera..) But I still got some good shots!! 🙂
When the ‘peas came out onto the T part of the stage.. we were pretty darn close…. I could almost reach out and touch them… (I think through the night we moved in a bit closer too!)
…at one point we were all asking ourselves, “Where is the love?!…where is that love?!”
This was taken at some point in the concert!!! 🙂 (we both look HAWT because it was HOT! 😉
At one point in the concert each ‘pea.. did their own thing… and Taboo.. flew over us… on his motorcycle.. (how cool is that!?)
Fergie… struting her stuff!
Last moment of the concert… it was a ‘good, good night!’
Thanks for coming with me Andrea and Ashley… it was so much FUN!!! 🙂