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>Welcome to the Family…


I welcomed my own baby ‘apple’ into my family… April 30th…
…so my baby is just two weeks old today! 
I must say it’s been a bit of an adjustment—at times a love-hate relationship! 
I was soooooo excited when I exited the store with my computer! 
Early this week I had the files from my old PC to my MacBook Pro… (everything but my external hard drive full of all my photos I’ve taken in the last 2 years–I still have to do that!) Then the “dark” days came… on Wednesday night, I wanted to throw my new baby out!  (yep, it was being temperamental–and I didn’t know how to use it, and couldn’t get my DSL internet hook up to work, finally after 2 hours and some angry, frustrated txts to a friend… I figured it out!) When I went in for my first 1-to-1 lesson at the Apple Store the “trainer” couldn’t believe that I figured out what I had to do… (and I still am in shock that I figured out how to do it too!)
I suppose learning something new takes time…and I was aware it would be a bit of a learning curve… and now just need to be patient with myself…and learn it as fast as I can…with the least amount of beating myself up!

 After one of my one-to-one sessions…watching some videos online…and well practicing and ‘mucking’ about… it’s getting a bit better!  However, this new system..and learning new photo editing software…it’s come at a price to my blog… because not only am I learning a new ‘operating system’ I’m also learning new photo editing software…which I’m excited about–but its going to take some time!

Trust me, I’m still very happy with my purchase… just need to work out the kinks! 
Practice makes Perfect!!! 
*the two photos of me were taken by Ryan Bealer, all photos were taken on my iPhone 3GS

>Dear Blog,

Yes, I still remember you… and I’m sorry we haven’t been spending much quality time together lately.  April has been a very busy month.  I was sick for the first 2 weeks of the month–which kind of put a downer on my blogging. I had a quick whirl wind weekend tour to visit friends and family in Ontario… and then this Easter Long weekend–where I have spent the days recharging my batteries, and starting to feel like I have my groove back!!! I also have had a lot going on professionally as well as personally… that I’m sure you will hear all about at some point in time!

It’s weird after NOT blogging for so long… it’s kind of hard to get back into the swing of things again.  But don’t you worry…I do have some stories to tell, some from the last 8 weeks AND some more recent ones as well.. so stay tuned because they are some good ones!

I also have some exciting changes ahead for you blog…as soon as I wrap my head around the ‘technical’ changes… and figure out formatting issues… I’m sure the updates will dazzle any of our readers that we still have and if we don’t have any readers… I totally know that I will be excited, as will my mum and gramma!

Have no fear, I am back… and I do have stories to tell!

Sarah on the Road Again…

>100th POST

>It’s hard for me to believe I’ve had 100 posts already, apparently I have a lot to say… (who would have thought?!)… since December 31, 2009… I’ve written 100 posts!  I’m not one to keep track of numbers.. but well I couldn’t let this one slide… 100 is important isn’t it!?

I’m trying my best to come up with some crazy, fun, wild post that will be memorable but well I’m coming up short and a bit empty… I guess what I can say is blogging has become a fun, creative outlet for me… but today there’s no creative energy left… perhaps that’s what holidays and lack of an internet connection at my finger tips has done to me! 

Some great ideas that have been given to me for this wonderful 100th blog post have been:

My sis-in-law, Dana… suggested that I list 100 Favourite things I like about Blogging…. (and then Jamie took off with that idea…)

My Older Bro, Jamie… built on Dana’s idea… but said I should post them 1 post at a time… until I’m at 200 post on this blog!  Because if I do it that way… I’ll get to another ‘milestone’… (I personally think that’s really not the direction I want to take this blog… I think Jamie should take this on.. and blog this way…)

My Mum… suggested that I post 100 pictures… (but well that would take a lot of time.. and I’m not really sure if you’d like to look at a post with 100 pictures… (that might be a bit of overkill)…)

With all that creativity… I’m still out of ideas, so apparently this is it… there you have my 100th post!!


>Yup, tonight… my stat- tracker told me that 2,000 people have viewed my blog since January when I started writing at my new site… Sarah on the Road Again! For me it’s not about the numbers, it’s all about me just writing and posting things as a creative outlet.  I do have a stat-counter…and it always amazes me that people from around the world have found my blog and read it!  So thank you readers!

The number 2,000 came from Saint John, New Brunswick….at 21:41 (not sure of the time zone–I think I set it up originally to be Eastern Standard tho)… Thanks for being the 2,000 visitor!

Lately I’ve been getting some awesome comments!  Thanks for the recent comments… I love hearing from people that are reading.. let me know where you are reading from!!