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A Northern Chapter Closed…

Part of the reason I love blogging is the community that is created that can stretch far across boundaries over the internets.  In 2009 I joined that Northern Blogging Community, when I was blogging as Newbie in the North…and soon started commenting on other Northern blogs.  Morena’s blog was one of those… then I got to travel to Cape Dorset for work and got to meet Morena in person! Since then we’ve kept in touch, via Facebook, emails and blogs…

Morena, Oliver, Tank and I...Cape Dorset- September 2009

Since moving back to Pang I’ve really enjoyed how our “online” friendship has turned into a “real-life-in-person friendship”!  I’m going to miss our girls nights…hanging out with your boys….and the dance parties that randomly start (plus many more things too many to list!). Thanks again for making me climb Mt. Duval–that was one of the days that was put into my memory bank! I’m glad for all the times we got to spend together over the last 6 months.

Today my friends Nick, Morena and their boys-Oliver and Issac and pets- Tank and Zazu headed south for the last time. Morena shared some of her last moments in her final Northern Blog Post. When one chapter closes, another one is waiting to be written…  All the best as you start writing that next chapter in your lives, as you settle into your new house…with PAINTED walls…and living close to family again.

I can’t wait to come visit you out East and have a few new adventures…ROAD TRIP!

Fudge for loneliness…

One of the great things about this 30 Day Photography Challenge is getting to lurk and find new blogs to read… that’s how I stumbled across “Oh, for the Love of the Blog“… Natalie moved from her home in the United States to Costa Rica for work.  One of her friends gave her an AMAZING ‘Fudge for loneliness’ recipe…you can find the recipe HERE!

I was surfing blogs on my lunch and found out how EASY making fudge was… and that I had all the ingredients…and well it was history! (I actually stopped everything to make it–perhaps I might have a chocolate addiction, but that’s another story!?) I didn’t take photos of making fudge that day… but did take some the next time I made it!  (ok-so it’s only been 6 days…but I did share the first batch, honest!)

It’s as easy as 1-2-3… why have I never realized how simple it was to create fudge? 

First you need the chocolate chips…

…this is what chocolate chippets look like after they have arrived on a sealift! (I think they melted or something on the way up..they taste the same, but aren’t their normal dark brown colour–go figure?!)

Then you carefully microwave–don’t want to burn the chocolate… stirring is key to help ‘melt’ chocolate quicker!

Then you add the other stuff you need (if you need to see what click on the recipe HERE!)… mixing it all together! As I was making this I was thinking my friend Amanda would not how to do this ‘more’ professionally… after all she use to work in a REAL CHOCOLATE factory, and makes the BEST truffles and other yummy chocolate inventions!!! 

I have the PERFECT square tupperware container to pour the fudge into… (I lined it with waxed paper).. and popped it in the fridge to harden…. (all you need to do is cut it up and share with friends…) 
The best part of the recipe “Pour into your little pyrex and let it harden. Then eat it all.”  So I didn’t really eat it all… I didn’t even bite it–honest!  

Its been a busy month at work, settling into my house…and catching my breath… I’ve had a lot of change in the last 4months!  It seems like I was finally settled in Winnipeg when I moved again… (I was there for 18months)… I really don’t want to move for a LONG time… vacation/trips are ok in my books but moving… no thank you for a long time!!! It seems like time has been flying as I’ve been finding my feet after the adjustment from the move…(it’s already the end of October?!)

I’ve managed to unpack all my belongings, put stuff up on the walls and make my house a home!  (I’ll take some photos this weekend and them then!).  The only thing I can’t find is the Mac adapter to hook up my MacBook to the TV via an HDMI cord… I’ll have to search one or two more places again, if I can’t find it I might just order a new one!

What else is new? Winter has arrived and I think it’s staying!  It’s been snowing off and on all week… I’m ok with this!  The other news is the Dark season is setting in…we are loosing 8mins of daylight a day.  I must admit, it’s kind of a downer–I have really noticed how it’s affecting me!  I think the transition is the hardest… I’m walking home from work after the sun has set (at 5pm)!   Once it’s transitioned a bit more, so that it’s more dark–I think I’ll be alright!

In the meantime I have friends and fudge to keep me company… Thanks again Natalie for sharing the recipe on your blog!

(I have a feeling that this new ‘fudge’ addiction might not be so great on my new fitness goals…but that’s a story for another time!)

>Fun and Funky Kids Hats!!!

>When I was back in Ontario on the May 2-4 weekend I had the opportunity to meet a fellow ‘northern’ blogger!  Lindsay blogs at No Invitation Required… I first started following Lindsay’s blog when we both lived in Nunavut–different communities, but were part of that ‘northern blogging community!’  She now lives with her hubby and two girls in the Hamilton area.  I stopped in for a few hours and met Lindsay… Her husband and adorable girls!!! I probably talked their ears off…but it was nice to talk to others that had lived in the north for way longer than I had! It was nice to meet them…and to pick up my 2 new hats that I bought from Lindsay!

Lindsay has just started a business of making amazing hats for kids, and also adults! Her business is called Fun and Funky Kids Hats… you can find her Facebook page HERE… SOOOO many FUN hats!!!!

I saw this HAT on her Facebook Page and immediately wanted it!!! (It was taken, but Lindsay whipped up a new one for me!) She made it a bit longer so I can tuck my ears under…

 And the ‘cherry hat’…making my favourite face for ‘self-portraits’ of course…

 You should go check out her ‘baby’ and ‘kid’ hats… they are seriously adorable!!

Thanks so much Lindsay.. it was GREAT to meet you! I hope you enjoy your first summer in Ontario!

>When Bloggers Meet!!

>Yesterday before I left London… I was able to touch base with my fellow blogging friend Morena from “Babies and Bulldogs”. We met each other through the “Northern Nunavut Blogging Community”…and then we met (in person) back in the Fall of 2009 when I travelled to the community in Nunavut where she was living.(you can read about that HERE!)  I saw her and her hubby and son another time when they were travelling south.. and were ‘stuck’ in Iqaluit… 

Morena moved to the same remote community that I lived in…earlier this year, after I had moved to Winnipeg!… she’s in the “sunny south” and was visiting her friend Jen in London before heading out East to visit family..

It was the first time I met Jen (in person)… But I feel like I’ve known her for quite some time though.  You see, she too was a northern blogger… and I have read along and about all her adventures…some might have called me a ‘blog stalker’…but I perfer ‘blog reader”!! She and her husband and daughter moved south last summer… But the south hasn’t stopped her blogging… you can find her at her “Jentography”

Both of these lovely ladies have babies that are almost 19 months old… and were born about 12 hours apart, and their mums were living in the same remote community during their pregnancies, and for the first months of the new babies lives…

I had a blast playing ‘peek-a-boo’ and getting sticky hand kisses and hugs… these toddlers are adorable!!! And I think I made two new friends….!!!!

I had a fantastic lunch with you guys… It was great talking with people that ‘get’ the northern experience…but also enjoy blogging and photography, among other things!!

(I look so ‘shocked’ because we were trying ot keep the kids attention at the camera…and well… apparently that made ME look like a fool! and yes, this location is very similar to the one I took earlier in the week with  Sarah & Adam and Erin & Dan!)…
Jen and Morena it was so lovely to meet both of you again…Thanks for a fun lunch… and if you every find yourselves in Winnipeg feel free to look me up!!!


>Well, it seems like I have been tagged.  I was reading Morena’s Blog late last week, and I was one of the people she tagged to answer a few questions.  Morena and I met briefly last fall when I was in Cape Dorset and got ‘stuck’… and then later that fall when I was in Iqaluit, and she was passing through.  Earlier this year she moved to Pangnirtung…and I’m always insanely jealous of her posts of my old town.  I miss life up there a lot!!! But am glad we can keep in touch via the internets!

So without any more delay I’ll respond to this ‘meme’….more info if you click here, but basicly it’s a list of questions that you answer… which in the process will tell others more about you…the fun part is that you get to ‘pass’ this joy along and ‘tag’ others… and ask questions of them!!!and then ask others to respond to your questions! 

So here are my answers…

1. What is your dream vacation if money was no object?
Yikes! that’s a hard question to answer… I’ve done some ‘low-budget’ travelling in my day…like Australia for a year, with $2000 saved! 

Hmmmm but where have I been wanting to head lately?  I guess it’s a mix of two different trips–that could be combined?  A. touring around the UK… Ireland, Wales, England, and Scotland… with a good friend!  B. Going to Africa, I’d love to visit Kenya.. go on a safari..but also do some kind of humanitarian thing while I’m there…with the money that’s no object..perhaps helping a project that has come from the people there.. !? who knows…

2. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
I’m incredibly hard on myself. I’ve accomplished a lot of great things in my life–but often look to the things that I haven’t accomplished yet, and then I end up beating myself up over not accomplishing those goals. I’d love to be easier on myself. 

3. If you could visit a time in history, when would it be and why?
I’ve always been fascinated about Canadian Social History, hence my first degree…so I’d love to head back and be a fur trader…travelling through the crazy ‘wilderness’ of Canada…Although because I’m a woman… I wouldn’t have been that explorer.. sometimes you can’t change everything in history! But I think that would have been a kick ass time to be around… (although I can’t say I’d be happy with what the colonial white settlers did with the Aborginal Populations…but that’s another story!)

4. What is your favorite thing about the place you live?
Yikes, what a rough question to answer… especially today… Winnipeg is a beautiful city… it’s different that any place I’ve ever lived… I can say I love how things in the ‘arts’ are accessible and cheap (compared to Toronto)…but to be honest, it’s a hard place to figure out where you stand.  After living in Pangnirtung for a year–a small remote community it’s so easy to find friends, network and have that sense of community…and well Winnipeg.. it’s just harder… and well lonesome!

5. What do you think would be the worst job in the word?

I think doing a job that is something you aren’t passionate about.  Something that you are paid, just not well… and doesn’t use your mind.  That would be the worst job in the world!

So thanks Morena for including me. And as the rule goes, I now pass it on. I’m tagging Lisa, Tara, Guy Terrifico, Ryan, and Amanda. Here are your questions.

1. Where is one place you’d love to live?
2. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
3. If you could have lunch with anyone in the world and ask them one question, who would it be and what would you ask them?
4. What is your favorite memory from childhood?
5. What do you want to do when you “grow-up”?