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>Happy EASTER!!!


It’s funny how that bunny always tends to find me even though I move around quite a bit!!  When I was up north… he even stopped in at Pangnirtung (via Canada Post!!)  This year was no different… although that darn bunny woke me up at an un-godly hour of 7:05AM on a SUNDAY..(when church wasn’t until really I didn’t need to get off the ‘airmattress’ until 9ish…but well it was I didn’t complain too much!) 

The other fitting thing in this photo.. is my Costco membership.. I think I had the world’s SHORTEST membership… I am SOOOO not impressed with them… or their parking lot attendant’s that walk away from the ‘automatic’ cart collecter machine thingy… (as your car is backing up…) because apparently that might be bad news for Milo…. and who would have thought 3 scratches would cost sooooo darn much to get fixed…. argh!!!  ‘welcome to car ownership I suppose’….but needless to say.. I’m not a membership of COSTCO and NEVER will be again…. and still need to write a letter about it! (but got my membership money returned…)