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>It’s worth the drive…


..sometimes you just have to hop in your car, drive and meet a friend for DQ!  Last year, I often had cravings for DQ but living in a remote fly in community in Nunavut..well there was no way I could just go get it! (Seriously I think all FOOD commericals should be BANNED and OUTLAWED for TVs in the Arctic!)

Tonight I had just started watching Grey’s… settled in my comfy yoga pants and tank top on my couch… I was also txting a friend, who lives in Transcona (or T-cona) I received a TXT that asked me, “DQ Burger or Peanut Buster Parfait?” and I was like, “ummm PB Parfait all the way.. ” followed by another close following TXT saying, “Oh, I want DQ can I come over for one?!” and well Ryan being the awesome friend that he is.. waited for me to get there!  (and YES, I’m one of those people that can’t send one long TXT but many short TXTs in a row–much to my friend’s dismay!!)

So I hopped into my car.. and off I went…

Just in case you wanted to know… well there’s the route I had to take it’s a 20min drive according to Google Maps… but this does NOT account for the TRAIN that delayed me for at least 10mins!! (those trains are SLOW and LONG!!!)  I was making good time until then!

(FYI: Point A or B is NOT where I live.. in case you wanted to find me.. sorry, I’m not making it THAT easy!)

Even with a train delay….. and wearing yoga pants and a sweat shirt…DQ is worth it!
(this was the smallest one I’ve seen in forever—it was a walk up counter, no store inside at all!?) Sweet!!!
Milo even thinks it’s worth the drive for DQ…. and I’d have to agree with him!!!
Thanks, Ryan for the ice-cream!!

>one of those days…

>Have you ever had a day where just wanted to stay in bed? Looking back..perhaps–I should have just stayed in bed.  Have you ever had a day…that you drove–(quite a distance) to a destination…and parked and went in.. and asked for the people you were meeting? but realized you were in the wrong spot? So you went to another destination…and well asked for the people you were suppose to be meeting with? …and YEP you were still in the wrong spot?… Well third’s time is a charm right?… you finally get to the RIGHT spot(quite a distance from spot A and B), and ask the for the people you need to meet–meet with them… and then head to the office…

Ahhh fun times!(and all of that was before 11:30am!)…. I had some good news in the mid-afternoon, I have an ‘official’ parking spot…with a NUMBER and a plug in (which isn’t such a big deal now that spring has arrived, but next winter it will be nice to be able to plug in!)..this also means that I won’t have to park in the “scramble” lot–(basicly you park wherever, and often it’s like miles away from the college)… this made me VERY happy….. like giggle and like a school girl!!

Until I had another moment… have you ever called one place, asking for someone? and told that they don’t work there? and you are very confused? and hang up…. well I have… and then you have a ‘helpful’ coworker tells you that apparently there are TWO places called that on the list–and I obviously had called A and I needed to call B…goodness me? seriously? argh…. apparently it’s just one of those days…. (and people here in Winnipeg in my field–well they just might think I’m a bit crazy…but that’s ok….I’m learning.. and well won’t make those mistakes again!)

Oh.. and one more thing… Milo is VERY dirty… and well I’m afraid of ‘car-washes’ long story, but since you asked!! When I was little, probably 3 1/2 or so… my mum lost a windsheild in a car wash, NO I wasn’t in the car..that joy was left to my little brother in the backseat but I’ve heard the stories.. and well successfully have avoided having to go in them myself–because well I didn’t have a car until now.  Now this windshield might have been lost because my mum was unsure about how to USE the carwash…and didn’t put the car into park (but didn’t know she had to do that–or something)…so here’s the deal I don’t know how to use one… and I’m sure there’s instructions but I’m terrified of doing something wrong, and well breaking up Milo’s windshield…I’ve almost thought of asking someone to take him through for me but that just makes me look like ‘stupid’ girl…and I don’t like playing that role…but very soon I’m going to have to take him through one… because apparently while I was looking for the meeting spot first thing this morning… I got stuck in a puddle–and sprayed mud ALL over the passenger door and window…. yup…. it’s disgusting… so yet one more thing to deal with! 

Perhaps…another day…as tonight I’m vegging and heading to bed fairly soon… because I have two more ‘meetings’ out of the office first thing tomorrow morning…! Let’s hope I don’t get lost heading to them.

>A Stall-free kind of day!

>All I have to say… is Milo today… was a good guy.  See he’s not really that much of a morning person…but today, he was able to drive me all the way to work without stalling ONCE. Shocking I know… this was a bit of a break-thru I think. 

Coming home tonight, again Milo didn’t stall once…and believe you me, we ended up hitting ALL the RED lights on route 90!  I think, that Milo has finally adjusted to me as a driver.  This means I’m such a happy camper!!!

>Introducing Milo….


…yes, I named my car…his name is Milo (M-eye-lo)…yes, there’s a story behind it…and perhaps some day I’ll share it with you.. and maybe I won’t! 
 We made it home from the dealership, safe and sound…but perhaps there were a ‘few’ stalls, I’m not going to say!!  I will have to take some more photos of him, he’s really quite cute! Someone from the dealership took these two photos outside the dealership….
–the boys were all uber cold…but I wanted a photo…and then I looked at them…I look like a geek! I’m not really sure why I have the expession I do on my face—I look really really silly–please ignore that, I think they wanted me to say something like “yahoo new cars?” or something… I was pretty excited about having the car though!!! 🙂 Nothing like driving away with your first car… and praying you wont’ stall it TOO many times.. OR that someone won’t ‘rear-end’ you…. Good times!!!

>Driving with a clutch 101…

>I went back to the car dealership tonight after work.  I had decided I’d see how I’d do with driving standard.  If I couldn’t figure it out after tonight I’d look at the situation again and figure out what I will do! 

So, my trusty car sales guy, Jeff… drove me over to this huge parking lot at the race track.  I got in the driver’s seat there…and I started to get the ‘hang’ of the clutch, brake, gas routine…. even though there were a few stalls… after a few rounds around this parking lot (no one was there)…starts and stops.  Jeff turns to me and says.. “You ready to take it out on the road?” and I was like… “ummm, do you think I’m ready?!” and he nods… so off we go… I had to go onto the Perimeter Highway and as I was merging onto the highway..(trying to figure out shifting)… there was this MASSIVE semi-truck… oh yes, Jeff goes, “he’s not getting over for you…” I’m running out of ‘merge’ lane…. and speed up enough to go in front of him… (then I look over at Jeff.. he’s put on his seatbelt… (apparently he doesn’t drive with one on usually? I’m not so sure about that)… and I say, “when are we getting off of here?” and he’s like..”at the next exit!”

Well the rest of the drive was fine… I did have a couple of other funny ‘stalls’…but for my first real time driving—it was ok… When I think about it I can’t do it… and I stall especially turning LEFT…after sitting waiting for the green…

I went back to the dealership… filled out some paperwork…(will sign stuff on Wednesday)… and I get to go pick up my ‘new’ car on Wednesday!!