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>Route 90…


Today I learned another good lesson… Route 90 is NOT the way to travel leaving work and going to St. Vital.  In the morning this route has been working for me… sure there’s a bit of traffic, but I’ve been zipping along (safely)–nothing like the ‘Don Valley Parking Lot’ in Toronto…

Tonight I ended up heading home the same way… I knew it would be a bit longer, the roads were a bit snow covered, and people were moving slower.  I white knuckled my trip all the way as driving, see I remembered being ‘rear-ended’ two days ago…in GOOD weather, and here it was ‘messy’ weather.. and my faith in Winnipeg drivers well isn’t the best.  It took me an HOUR and a HALF to drive from WORK to the St. Vital Centre(usually about a 25-35min drive)… yes, at that point I stopped at the food court and ate something because I was starving.  Then I continued on… and tried to figure out a NEW way from work to the place I’m staying.. that doesn’t involve ‘excess’ driving……

>Day 4: First Day of WORK!


Wow, it was like the first day of school all over again…but it was an AWESOME day!  All I will say is that the people I’m working with are AMAZING, SUPPORTIVE and want to HELP me anyway that they can.  There were 2 others that started with me today.. and I share and office with one of them…and I really think that this is going to be awesome! 
Leaving work I went to apply for taking over the ‘sublet’ of apartment from exhibit B!  I signed my life away on the application… left the deposit.  Then left that place… I was travelling over the “Main St. Bridge” on rush hour… was alright… I got to the middle of the bridge and traffic was stopped… so I stopped.  Apparently, the little old lady behind me didn’t seem to stop until she hit my back bumper.  I seriously was like “What the HECK?!” I had a bit of a panic… I’ve never been involved in an accident with another car… my neck hurt a lot… and wasn’t sure what I was suppose to do.  I ended up texting a friend. They walked me through all the information I had to get.  I moved off the bridge to a parking lot.  Got the info from the little old lady–they left.. and I sat in my car shaking! Called that friend, and ended up talking for like 45mins until traffic had slowed down a bit.. and I stopped being so crazy.  (Did I mention it was a rental? and that there was HEAPS of paperwork that had to be filled out!?…oh that made it even more exciting…) 

Lesson learned today… becareful when stopping because apparently some drivers don’t stop.