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...this is what you look like after walking 20mins in -30C! (my glasses were frosted over for most of the walk!)

Yes, I still can’t log onto Facebook.  Despite the photo above, which was taken on Tuesday evening…I’m not that happy about it at all!  Yesterday all day I had a headache…by 7pm it was bad…I was dizzy and the room was spinning and my head well I thought it would explode.  I ended up taking some meds and sleep but still woke up with an icky headache, and seeing some black spots but wasn’t dizzy anymore.  I’ve decided that this headache must be a side-effect or some kind of Facebook withdrawal symptom.  (Not from a migraine, that I suffer from once in awhile! LoL) Tonight it’s just a dull ache… but I hate how these headaches take it all out of me.

I did attempt to log into Facebook again a few hours ago…because well I thought maybe it would work!  When I hit the ‘enter a phone number’ button… this popped up!

That’s a new option the “call me” option… so I entered my phone number…and then this screen popped up…

Yes, I think FACEBOOK hates me.  Seriously? what is the problem.. I’ve only asked for ONE code… and they think that’s too much? I’m not really sure what to say or do at this point!  I waited an hour and the same response.  So that means it’s been 36hour and 21mins without Facebook.  I’ll be ok, I mean it’s just a social networking site right?

If you are reading this… the best way to get ahold of me is through regular email.  There’s an email  listed when you click on the “contact me” tab!

Thanks for the suggestions from the last post…apparently even if I did input a number, Facebook still has me on a timeout chair.

EDITED: Thanks to the use of a friend in the south’s cell phone…I was able to get a code to activate my Facebook account again.  This happened at about 8:40pm on Jan 26th!

Dear Facebook,

Maybe I should start off and say.  Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m a Facebook Addict.  We have had a great relationship the past few years.  I must admit at times this relationship has become a bit co-dependant but for the most part since 2007 you have been a daily part of my life.  This morning that changed.  As I woke up and reached for my iPhone to check-in on my friend’s happenings (via my wifi connection) before I got out of bed. (This has become one of my stalling tactics routines before I get out of bed… I check email, Facebook and Twitter from my iPhone) The updates were starting to be downloaded–and then my FB app suddenly logged me out.  (this happened a few days ago…) I clicked back on my FB app and got this wonderful notice.

No, I wasn't flying...I keep my iPhone in airplane mode, but WiFi on... so it doesn't drain my battery searching for a signal that doesn't exist up here in the Arctic!

Great I thought to myself…so I dragged myself out of bed…shower and then as I was making breakfast I attempted to log in with my computer from the website. ( Side Note: when this happened 2 days ago… all I had to do was confirm that it WAS me, not someone else…by identifying friends names via their pictures that they had been tagged in. It was a pretty straight forward fix.)

After I logged in this is what I saw…. (have to love screen shots eh?)

So no big deal… I hit continue and then got this message…

My first thought was of my friend Jen and the second was “Facebook, you ain’t gett’n my numba” !  But then going back to Facebook’s main page and attempting to log-in again… I got to this point again.  So I clicked on “Enter a phone number”….

Here’s the problem… that last little bullet with “send me a text”.  That’s the ONLY way I can fix this… if I give them a cell number, and have them txt me a code.  That’s I don’t have cell service where I live (and I’m not planning on visiting southern Canada until at least the summer–I can’t fathom the Facebook withdrawals…if I have to wait that long!)

I searched around Facebook’s site and found a place I could “request” log-in help…I filled out this info then sent it off.  Within minutes I had this reply…


Thank you for submitting this bug report and taking time to help us improve the site. Please reply to this email to verify that you are the owner of the account that you referenced in your Facebook support inquiry. This security step must be completed before Facebook can respond to your inquiry.

If you can respond to this email with a screen shot of the issue you are seeing, this will help us diagnose the problem. To take a screen shot, please follow the directions listed here:

Once you have saved the screen shot, please attach it to your response to this email.

Unfortunately, we are unable to reply to every bug report at this time, but we may contact you for more details as we troubleshoot the issue. We appreciate your assistance.

The Facebook Team

Ummm, Facebook Team… you BEST be getting back in touch with me ASAP.  I live in the Canadian Arctic..I NEED contact with my outside peeps!  Or I’ll be making a lot of fudge for loneliness  and that’s going to not help my get fit campagin and then the lack of sunlight (even though it is slowly returning)…might do me in.

But in all seriousness folks… I don’t know what to do about this situation.  I didn’t realize how much of an addiction Facebook has become…I’m getting shaky and it’s only been about 5 1/2 hours that I haven’t been able to check in.  I have no clue if I’ll ever ‘check-in’ again.

Does anyone else have any suggestions or feedback? Can anyone help me out? Please leave me a comment… or email me because I’m currently not on Facebook. I know that this post will automatically post to my wall…and I keep getting emails about various things in my account, but I can’t log in. So FRUSTRATING!!!!

Thanks in Advance,

Sarah who is now experiencing a time-out from the Facebook Team of unknown length and is trying to be a ‘big’ girl about it and not cry.