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Friends in the Tdot…

When I was in Toronto, I stopped by my friend Chantal’s house and had an awesome afternoon visit. It had been a whole year since I had been in town long enough to have a visit. Chantal is one of my friends that  I can always count on to be able to instantly catch-up and then carry on with. It is the type of friendship that no matter how much time elapses between emails, phone calls or visits…when we are together again, it’s like no time has passed at all.

After finishing all of our catching up, I pulled out my camera and took a few photos of Chan and her kids.  It was pretty fun to see all the changes in her kids and how much they have grown in the last year.

Stella is now 15months and still a charmer!

Luciano and Massimo have grown so much too…in February they will be 4 and 6!  Time sure flies when you are having fun…or watching cartoons.It seems like yesterday that they were babies and toddlers.

Here’s Chan and Stella… 

Reading stories, Stella is wearing the baby sweater I knit her! 

One of the things I’ve come to realize that doing a group shot of children is really hard.  I suppose I need more practice…but how are you suppose to get everyone to stop moving? Look at the camera? and smile? ALL at the SAME time?  Anyone? how do you do it… When it was all said and done…I was pretty happy with this shot…(hope you are too Chan and T!)  

Last year when I tried to take a family shot Luc decided that he NEEDED to have TIGGER in the photo.  A year later, Tigger still is his friend and who am I to argue? I think Tigger is pretty awesome too.  

Then the photo shoot was all about Stella…in her Christening dress and the Ballet Barre! Let’s just say there was music playing and she can DANCE!
A self-portrait with Stella…

It was so great to visit and catch up Chan… I took a few more photos and will pop a CD in the mail as soon as possible.

Friends 4EVER!

Today I had the opportunity to catch up with my friend Krista. Krista and I met back in January 1985 on my first day in Kindergarten in Haliburton. We’ve been friends since day 1!  I think that means in January we will have been friends for 27 years!

I dug out my mum’s photo albums and managed to find a few photos of us together at my 6th Birthday Party in December of 1985.

From my Mum's Photo Album: December 1985

It’s really hard to see the ‘true’ beauty in these photos…but well a photo-of-a-photo can only do so much!  I’m sitting in my Grandpa’s chair..(in the dark blue shirt…with the BOY haircut; I think resulted because I wouldn’t let my Gramma or my Mum brush my hair-they threatened to cut it if I didn’t let them…and apparently I learned that lesson the hard way!) Krista is in the gorgeous teal blue tracksuit… with her cabbage patch slippers I so wanted a pair!

From my Mum's Photo Album: December 1985

I love how Jammie and Amanda were dressed in dresses for my party… and Krista and I were sporting our best tracksuits…growing up in the mid 80s nice fashion!

I guess I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy..and ALWAYS hated wearing dresses!!! It was only Krista and her mum that got me a dress and convinced me to go to Prom in Grade 12.  Without Krista I would have never gone!

I remember our school years fondly…there were summer camps, sleepover parties, movies Friday nights at the Molou, weekends on the ski hill… along with all the other growing up drama of being friends, and then not friends, and then friends again!  There are many, funny stories, jokes and memories.

Summer of 2008...

In 2010, Krista met Tas… they have had a whirl-wind, fairy tale kind of love story.  Tas is Australian.  They met and it was love at first sight and got married in the Fall of 2010.  Sadly, I couldn’t make it back to Haliburton for their wedding, or to meet Tas.  I was living and working in Winnipeg and because of work commitments I couldn’t make the flight back for the wedding.  Today I got to meet Tas and catch up with Krista…it was a fun morning.

We met at the Kozy Korner for brunch… and to catch up… then headed down to the docks for a spontaneous photo shoot! Even though it was like -20C Tas was an amazing sport.. and enjoyed walking down in his borrowed-heavy-duty-snow-boots!

A few shots of the couple… and Head Lake…and some self-portraits…and a shot of Krista and I taken by Tas! (thanks, Tas)… 

Then that newly-wed-thing happened… maybe they just needed to warm up!? (I don’t blame them)…

It’s funny how quickly a romantic moment can be made into a crazy-snow-fight!!! Well I guess if you give a girl-some-mittens…she has to show her new Aussie husband the joys of a winter wonderland. Tas was such a great sport, and love both his and Krista’s facial reactions.

Then the tables were reversed… and well Tas needed no prompting to ‘snow’ her!

It was awesome to meet Tas… It was so nice to see you so HAPPY and in LOVE!

Evidence from the fight…. Krista for your next snowball fight… I’d make sure Tas was on your team!  He’s got some mad skillz…for an Aussie Bloke.

It was so nice to see you… and hopefully next time we touch base, will be in your hometown of Melbourne, Australia!

I’m blessed to know that our “friendship is a promise made in the heart, unbreakable by distance, unchangeable by time” (Michael Macone) …thanks for being my 4EVER Friend!  Enjoy your last weeks in Canada before you head back to the land down under.

luv you,  Sarah

Sneak Peak! Welcome Baby Stella…


In January 2005… (six months after I moved to Toronto)… I decided to join a gym and get healthy…with joining a gym I had a one hour ‘consult’ with a personal trainer… That’s when I met Chantal… at that time I had no clue that we’d become friends… She was such a support as I went back to university to complete a Masters Degree…over the years we have had many laughs… some about things I refused to do while in the gym..(I can be stubborn–who would have thought that!?)… at some point we bonded over our love of chocolate, early morning workouts in the gym.(yes, I grew to love those mornings), reality TV and love of a good story!.. When her 2nd son was born I did some ‘new baby’ shots and family shots… Last summer while I was in Toronto we got together…and I did a impromptu maternity photo shoot!  I wanted to just include a few of those photos… that I never blogged, before showing shots of her new baby!

Chan is so gorgeous…

I remember quickly shooting these shoots in like 15-30mins… because after 15mins in… I got a call I had to go pick up my mum from the dentist!  (so it was speedy fast…but I was able to still get some awesome shots!)

 A quick shot with T…

Chan and her two boys… soon to be BIG brothers!!
In September, Miss Stella was in a hurry to enter this world!  She arrived 5 weeks early and weighed in at 4lbs 1ounce…now she’s hovering around the 8lb mark! She is the cutest thing ever…it is true that ‘good things come in small packages!’  She was born with a cleft lip and palate…and will be having some surgeries through-out 2011..
I haven’t had the opportunity to hang out with too many preemies–(normally babies this size are newborn and are sleepy and not very alert).  That’s not Miss Stella–she had plenty to talk about, she might have just told me a few secrets! 
 “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” — Dr. Seuss (Horton Hears a Who!)

She’s got HUGE feet.. (compared to her teeny tiny legs!)…. But then again… all baby feet are tiny… and so adorable!

A quick shot of the big brother’s feet… (still tiny and adorable!)

 This shot was so funny to get… we had Stella’s big brother’s lie on top of each other–(convince them not to wrestle) then Stella’s dad…held her above… trying to get a shot of the feet—and getting the kids to KEEP them STILL… the end result is pretty cool… but something that definitely was fun in the process! Thanks Chan and T for helping keep everyone safe!!! 😉

Proud Big Brothers…
Sibling LOVE!!!

 By the time we got around to doing the ‘family’ shot… the boys were ready for their ‘rest’ or ‘nap’ time!  L is not looking too pleased, because his Tigger stuffed animal (a new Christmas present)… decided he wanted to take the photo–not be IN the photo… (hence L being a bit sad!)

 Just before the boys went in for their rest time… I did this self portrait in their closet mirror… M thought it was pretty cool!

Chan and T, thanks so much for letting me shoot your family’s photos!  I have a CD ready for you… (this was just the teaser–the CD has about 100 images(both in colour and B&W) so a total of about 200!  I’ll get it in the mail ASAP!) Hope you enjoyed the ‘sneak’ peak…
It was so wonderful to just hang out with you and the kids for the day!  See you next time I’m in the Tdot! 
luv, Sarah

>Sometimes, when the stars align…

>…friends that live in different cities manage to be in the same city… and AWESOME nights happen!

Yesterday I flew into the Tdot… and had a fabulous lunch and afternoon with my bro and sis-in-law!  Then I had a fabulous night out… with two fabulous friends!
I had found out that my friend, Lauren (from Buffalo) was in town visiting her younger brother…

and my friend, Emily (from Peterborough) found out that both of us were in town so drove to the Tdot…so that we could all get together!!!  

With all THREE of us in the SAME city again… we got together for dinner and some drinks!  First we all met at the Greyhound Station downtown… and then headed over to Lauren’s bro’s new condo/loft in Liberty Village!

After catching each other up on our lives from what had happened since the summer… (remember those fun times? you could read about them HERE..). 

We headed for dinner… then back to Jeff’s place… where we had a little photo shoot!  Jeff’s friend, Chris, kindly took these candid photos!!!

At this point… things started to go a bit wrong….

..and then we sort of ended up falling over… those new hard wood floors (Jeff just moved in 2 weeks earlier)..were pretty slippery!!! That must have been the reason!!!!

but we recovered really fast…
Make a model face? hmmmm I’m not quite sure my ‘angry’ smile really will work it for me! lol
I took some shots for Jeff and Lauren… they thought their parents might want the next two for their Christmas Card next year… I think the first one is definitely in the running!!

 With this one coming in a close second!!!

 …hmmmmm or possibly this one?

We then went to C’est What… and had a few beers… I was in the minority for liking the lighter stuff… everyone else really liked the heavier darker beers… I could try to sound all educated about beers and tell you what they were etc.. but well I’m not… I did take a sip of that dark, heavy stuff that they called beer, but man it is so not for me… I stuck with my raspberry pils and an apricot-something…they were yummy!!

Emily and Lauren… so good to see you again!!! (I’m glad we managed to get together TWICE in one year!!)

Can’t wait until the next times in 2011!!!

>Brought to you by the letter I…

>Everyone knows that the way to a girl’s heart is through IKEA right?

Shortly after I arrived in Winnipeg I was crazy shocked to find out that there is no IKEA here.  The closest ones are in Minneapolis approx 8.5 hours and a boarder crossing away! Calgary, approx. a 15 hour trek… or Edmonton about 16 hours.  (these times were given to me by a friend… so if they are wrong.. it’s not my fault!)  Although there has been a sod turning, and at some point in Winnipeg’s future there WILL be a store here.  These facts did not help the fact that I was without bookshelves!  (I sold them when I left Nunavut!)  I was pretty upset, even on Craigslist and Kijji I couldn’t find the coveted IKEA stuff I wanted!  (I did manage to find my RED inserts to the shelf I wanted…but alas… no SHELF could be found in the city…that people did want to give up!)

I know I could have ordered it online to be shipped to me…but the shipping cost just over the cost of the shelf… I just couldn’t justify paying more in shipping than what the shelf originally cost!  On a side note, a blogging friend, Jordan,  in Iqaluit recently tried to order a sofa from IKEA… check HERE to find out his delivery cost… yes, 1 billion dollars!!! Another northern blogger, Townie Bastard, (one of the god fathers of northern blogging) has picked up the story.. and apparently it’s been on APTN…click out that blog HERE….

So my shipping wasn’t exactly that much…but still I waited… and waited… and mentioned it a friend that I knew drove occasionally through Calgary…. and past an IKEA! Then became the standard joke, he’s say I’m going to Calgary, and I’d txt him… Ikea? Ikea is a great place!? you should go there… etc…

Well Ryan FINALLY made my day when I received a photo txt of the front of the IKEA store!!!  (this happened on a really rough week (Oct. 18-23).. I was going through a lot personally…and well this news that my IKEA shelf that I wanted was being purchased…and on it’s way back to ME in Winnipeg… was awesome!)

I drove over on Thursday October 21st to Ryan’s to pick up my shelf, hoping that it would fit in Milo…there were 3 boxes all about 6 feet long!  That’s when the fun started!!!!

 One box in… 2 more to go!!! Ryan picked up the shelf on Monday morning, (after driving all night)… then had to put them in his truck on his bunk… and slept on them for about 3 nites… so my shelf got to go to Vancouver and back…. Thanks Ryan… your extra special delivery has helped make my house more a home here in Winnipeg!!!

 Yes, I lugged the boxes too!!!

I couldn’t contain my excitement!!!

My Expedit (still can’t pronounce that) shelf was HERE in Winnipeg!!!

 Ryan also brought me what he referred to as my “IKEA Porn”… aka the IKEA 2011 Catalogue!

 …hmmmm I think I found something else? Think you can bring this back? hehehe (he did say as long as it fits on the 2nd seat, he might be willing to make another trip for me!)

After we got all the boxes in my car… I left Ryan at his house and headed back to mine.. not 100% sure how I would get all three boxes out of Milo and into my apartment!  I was lucky… as I pulled up I saw our assistant super.. and asked him if he could give me a hand… he did, and even put the elevator on service so it was quick and easy!!! 

I left the boxes on the floor of my apartment for 2 1/2 days… and on Sunday I decided it was time to put the shelf together… I cleared away the furniture, got a big enough floor space to put it together…. and then started assembling it…

adding more boards, and pegs…

Then came the screwing in the top boards…..(have to love the IKEA do-hickies that screw things together eh?)

 So I had my shelf assembled on the floor… and there was NO way I was picking that guy up… it was HEAVY and HUGE (6 feet by 6 feet)… So what does a single girl do? Well she goes knocking trying to find someone available on a Sunday afternoon to help lift up the shelf…. I didn’t find “laundry boy” but did find the man across the hall that came in to help me lift it up!  And volia!!!

The Before….

And the AFTER…

I have since unpacked those last 4 boxes of books.. and filled up the shelves… All in all, I’m a very happy woman!!! Every time I look at it… it brings a smile to my face… who would have thought that all it could take was a little IKEA shelf…. now there’s just fact that I need bedside tables… Ryan, when isyour next trip to Calgary? hehehe…