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>It was time…


…for me to find a hair stylist in Winnipeg!
(for the last 17months I’ve been still going to Toronto to see my amazing stylist Maddy… even though I wasn’t living there..I tried to convince her to move to the ‘peg..but well that wasn’t quite possible!)  
Exhibit A: (…love the ‘brassy’ blond my hair turned after a summer in the sun!Overall the last time my hair had seen colour was in March when I was in Ontario for my friends’ wedding.. and it was red, with fire engine red highlights…)  
Exhibit B: (in the chair today..bad lightening…so you really can’t see all the LIGHT ends.. and DARK roots poppin’ through.. it wasn’t quite ‘trailer’ trash..but darn it was getting mighty close!)
I was leaving the office today I asked a co-worker, Anne,  where she went… and then called on the spot for an appointment! Yup, I had time.. and well my hair was telling me it was time.. I best get it done!
HairFX is a cool, cool spot!  James was my stylist…and he totally got that I was a girl in a new city.. that had to break up with her stylist..(but didn’t really want to..).. He listened as I explained how I got a horrible dye job when I was 23 and didn’t even let Maddie dye my hair til AFTER a year of her cutting my hair… (and he was like, “wow, I feel honoured” and I said, “ummmm do you see my hair?! I have no choice dude!”  Because  I’m not headin’ back to TO til Christmas and well that hair couldn’t wait…  A bonus is that this place is in my neighbourhood too!!
I jumped off that cliff… AND trusted James… well… I’m so, SO, so THRILLED I did!!!!
After Shoot… back to my roots… o’natural… (man it feels good!)… but a bit weird there’s not red.. when I look in the mirror, instead brown with some chocolate brown chunks! 
Now I suppose this means I really do need to invest in a straightener…perhaps a Christmas gift!?
Thank You…
…Anne for pointing me in the direction of HairFX!
…the team at HairFX for making a girl feel a bit more at home in her new city!! (If any reader in Winnipeg goes to HairFX tell them I sent you!)
…and James–for listening and doing an amazing colour and cut!! I will be back, because I think I’ve found a Winnipeg Hair Stylist I can trust!! Great job!
*all the photos except for the first one were taken by me with my iPhone…