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There’s no place like… HALIBURTON!!!

I think no matter where I travel, live or visit… Haliburton will always be the home of my heart… Partly because that’s where my family is… (or at least comes to gather during the summer months at our family cottages).  Friday night I was talking with my mum and uncle and was trying to figure out how many generations of our family have lived in Haliburton— and the outcome of that discussion that I was the 6th generation that has lived in Haliburton… my descendants were among the first that settled the area.  Maybe that’s part of the draw or pull I feel every time I enter the county.. I feel like I’m coming HOME!

This past week I ‘hid’ out at my mum’s house. I did complete my last minute tasks, and visited a few people..but mainly sat on the deck in the sun, or slept… watched tv.. and surfed the net!  It was a perfect week to ‘re-charge’ my batteries… I totally needed it…

I had the experience of being a pet-parent this week.. when I “dog-sat” Gus for a day and night… he’s a such an easy dog to take care of.. as I’ve always said, I’ve only loved 3 dogs in my life.. and Gus is one of those 3… 🙂

On Friday morning I travelled to Minden… and got my “Kawartha Diary” ice cream cone…It’s kind of a tradition you can’t come to Haliburton County without getting some “death by chocolate” or “moose tracks” matter where I have travelled I haven’t found ice cream like THIS… SOOOOO good! (and that cow…has been either on the top of the building or on the hill since I’ve been a kid!)

I did go up to my Gramma’s Cottage… (where “The Point” has cottages in a row that belong to some of my ‘great-aunts and uncles’ and some American cousins as well!) I have so many memories running on the beach, swimming in the water… and hiding in the trees… summers spent with my gramma and grandpa were so amazing… and it’s still just like home! It’s a place where you just need to wake up and put on your swim suit and jump in the lake!!! Friday afternoon my aunts, uncles, cousins, mum, brothers, sister-in-laws and nephews all arrived and we had a blast in the lake… and around the family dinner table!  Here’s a bunch of the photos from that day… Gus got  a new lifejacket…(mainly for the boat)…but he also went ‘swimming’… although I think he preferred to be on dry ground! ..of course it was a ‘splashing-fun-time’ as well… I’m surprised because last summer Samuel and Benjamin didn’t like to get their faces wet!  But we all had a great time… (thanks Dana for taking the photos on the right!) No matter how warm it is.. it still feels good to have your warm towel wrapped around you!!! Family and this place at Haliburton Lake… totally is what makes me able to go and live so far away…it’s like the place that grounds me and I know where ever I go, I can always come back to Haliburton Lake, because it will always be there for me!  We managed to take another family shot…(although Gus was too busy watching squirrels so he didn’t make the photo!)… it might even make it Mum’s Christmas Card 2011 (jury is still out on that if everyone agrees it’s an o.k. one to be ‘mass’ distributed–I get the ‘trail’ run, and honestly the B&W just spoke to me!) Let me know what you think–Jamie, Dana, John, Kat and Mum!! John, Kat and Bart (my gramma’s husband)… got the corn all ready to eat!!! …the tables were set… and we all gathered around and told ‘stories from times past..’ and once and awhile one of my uncles would say… ‘No, it’s all about Sarah–it’s her farewell, bon-voyage deal…the stories need to be about her!’ and for the most part they were…and even the ones that weren’t about me… well they were great to hear too!! I can’t remember the last time my family–uncles and aunts and cousins gathered around a table together to have a meal!(I think I’ve been travelling too much..)
Uncle Andrew, Aunt Anne and my Mum! (I missed getting shots of my Aunt Marie and Uncle Chris…) Some of my cousins… Clayton, Caroline and Charlotte… But Cody (their brother) and my other cousins…Wade and Todd, his partner Chesley and baby Brody weren’t able to be there!! They will all be at the lake next weekend…A group photo… before dinner!! 🙂 We also celebrated Jamie’s Birthday (July 21); and Bart’s Birthday(July 17th)…Uncle Andrew did the honours and started us off and lead us in a fantastic rendition of “happy birthday” no one sings it like MY UNCLE ANDREW!!! 😉 and Gramma made TWO CAKES!!!
The perfect end to a wonderful night… was watching the FULL MOON rise over the hills…. 

>Fun on the Beach!!!


This is a place I’ll always call ‘home’…
On Saturday, Dana took these amazing shots of me playing with my nephews… Thanks SO much!!! being the one BEHIND the camera… often means I’m LEFT out of the picture… and I’m just glad that Dana was able to capture this moment in time for me!
There was a bit of a ‘splash’ war…. and I totally lost out on that one.. had to surrender!!
Benjamin… joined in… he brought out the ‘big’ guns.. the SHOVEL to splash me more!!
I switched my sunglasses for googles…(to protect the contacts)… and Benjamin wasn’t so sure about them… (and after looking at this photo… I realize that I do look a bit ODD!)
..jumping off the end of the dock!
…trying to convince the boys to come out ‘deep’ swimming with me… apparently that didn’t work!
It was an awesome morning on the beach…
Thanks again Dana for taking those photos to put “me” in the picture!! 🙂

>Wipe-out FAMILY style!!


Our neighbours at the cottage got THIS little piece of water FUN, and were kind enough to allow us to use it, with life jackets on!  It’s a water trampoline, with a few ‘attachments’…there’s a slide, a big pillow (or BLOB!)-where you can launch people off of the end of it… and there’s the balancing tube!  It is SO much fun!! I was out there for a bit.. but then came in to grab my camera, sit at the end of the dock and well take photos.. .I think I took over 500 this day…I was able to get a lot of fun shots of the action, jumping and throwing…. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves… but man it was so much fun!!! I just wanted to give a shout out to our neighbours and thank them for their generousity!
Then started the launching of different family members into the air!
Some chose to do different ‘creative’ dismounts… (not sure it was really a choice…)
For the most part it was STRAIGHT up in the air… and down into the water…
Some weren’t so lucky.. and ended up turning head over heal.. in the air before landing…
(but well you don’t really need to see those photos!)

Then started the competition of how far you could get on balancing tube thingy!

…and of course there were some ‘wipe-outs!’

..some made it just a few steps…

others ended up right at the VERY end!!!

It was a fantastic afternoon… and the following afternoon, while I was getting Milo’s oil changed in town… my GREAT-Aunt who is 77 in August was out there… and well I’m sad to say I missed that… and didn’t get any photos!

>…it’s been awhile

>I have been totally enjoying my summer… and enjoying the lack of internets available where I have been staying.. It’s ‘almost fun’ living in an internet ‘dead’ zone… but tonight I am in town at my bro and sis-in-law’s house and  have a signal and was able to hop online for a quick update!

So what have I been doing?

Having LOTS of fun on the beach(at my family cottage)…. catching up with various cousins, and their kids…  jumping in the lake to cool off.. then sitting on the beach only to get HOT all over.. so it’s a ‘repeat’ kind of cycle that I have perfected and enjoyed!  (and in case you wanted to know… there IS a beach to sit on now.. and it seems to be growing as the days go by!)…

Here’s Charlotte my cousin (and God-daughter), Kat( my sis-in-law) and ME! 🙂

My mum and I had some cousins come to stay over night, (before our family reunion the next day)… and there were a few scrabble games… I haven’t played much.. and did lots of “small” 3-4 letter words.. but apparently came in 2nd over all with both games… scoring like 184 (the same for BOTH games?) can we say weird?
But it was a good way to pass the time with cousins!!!
I got to do a photo shoot for my Aunt Anne… of her horse ‘Romeo’…that was WAY fun…
Aunt Anne did some riding… and then did a few ‘tricks’… (seriously she’s a ‘rock star’ with some of the moves she and Romeo do… they make a great team!!) 
Here she is… standing on Romeo’s back… with the ‘carrot stick’–not a whip…but more used for direction…
I even got to ride Romeo… (so much FUN!)… Aunt Anne started me out with her ‘leading’ him… and then I asked if I could ‘do it by myself’ and well we did it!! (and I must admit Aunt Anne rocked it with my camera too.. she got some fun shots of ME… Thanks 🙂
A few nights ago one of my American Cousin’s Randy… got some fireworks, and sparklers… that was so much fun!! It took me a bit to figure out how to shoot them… and then to convince my little cousins ages 13 to 3 to stand STILL with their bodies, and only move their ARMS.. well (that didn’t quite happen) but I did still get some fun shots!!!
…This is one of my FAV shots…
..and there were fireworks.. that mainly went UP like flares into the night… but it was a really COOL show!! (thanks Randy for making it happen!)
..and of course.. there was a campfire… gotta luv your campfires!!
I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer vacations.. I know I sure am!!
 I have a two more  mini-trips to do before I head back to the ‘peg…and I’ll update you all as soon as those things happen… but am trying to just enjoy the time I have now in Haliburton…sometimes I just wish I could make time stand still and stay in the moment forever…
 it’s been a great summer so far, and there’s still some to go!!

>A day at the Beach…

>hmmmm or can one really call it a beach.. if due to recent rain.. the water levels have come up.. and well swallowed up the beach? Remember when I was here in May… (HERE) and I was excited about the HUGE beach?! Well…. apparently right now.. it’s not the case! This didn’t ruin a GREAT day in the SUN and water!!

My mum,  older bro, sis-in-law and nephews were also at my Grandma’s…. and we had a blast.. in the water.. and in the boat…

Grandma’s cottage is the 2nd from the right…. (usually there’s a HUGE sand beach in front.. but again.. due to water height issues… it hasn’t happened yet!)

Looking out towards the ‘sand point’….
Playing in the water!!! 🙂
This is the place I’ve been going since I was a baby…
and where I spent my summers with my grandma and grandpa…at the cottage!
There was a ‘shark’ on the beach.. but Samuel said, “don’t worry Aunt Sarah he’s a FRIENDLY shark!”
My mum and grandma and me…. Three Generations of Bathing Beauties!!!
(I’m not sure the last time I’ve been ‘swimming’ with both of them at the same time….) 
It was fun to take these shots…. (I had to crouch down… so I wasn’t so tall!)
Samuel being a helper… to help Benjamin off the end of the dock…
he’s such a good BIG brother… so kind and helpful!!
I took some family portraits for Jamie and Dana… here’s one that I really liked!!!
Jamie and Dana…married 9 years this past June!! 🙂
Getting ready for a boat ride!!!
Benjamin didn’t stay awake long… and snuggled for a bit of a snooze with me!
After the boat ride… Grandma brought out some cheesies… and well who doesn’t love them!?
Samuel did…..
and so did Benjamin!!
It was perfect weather… and well perfect company today…
Can’t wait until I can go back and spend the day there again… tomorrow…