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Fresh Snow on Trees…

“There is nothing in the world more beautiful than the forest clothed to its very hollows in snow. It is the still ecstasy of nature, wherein every spray, every blade of grass, every spire of reed, every intricacy of twig, is clad with radiance.”    William Sharp ((pseud. Fiona MacLeod), 1855-1905)

I woke up this morning to a winter wonderland…much to my dismay.. the wet/soft packy snow had froze with a lot of powder on top of it.. so no snowmen for me! After shovelling a bit, and clearing off the cars…I took a walk and got some photos!

Trees + Snow = pure magic to the eyes! 

Living in Pangnirtung, where there are no trees makes me that much more appreciative when I do see them… seeing fresh snow painted so brilliantly on their branches was a welcome treat! 

Milo looks so extra small beside these great big beauties! 

I’m having a fabulous time with my mum here in Haliburton…filled with PJ days, movies and good food (although I think I have reached my turkey quota for 2011–good thing New Years is around the corner!)

I have plans to do a bit more travelling before my vacation is over… going to a wedding, meeting some friend’s new babies, catching up with friends in the Toronto area…this involves a bit more travelling, let’s hope the roads stay in good condition…but we all know how I like to stay on-the-road!

There’s no place like… HALIBURTON!!!

I think no matter where I travel, live or visit… Haliburton will always be the home of my heart… Partly because that’s where my family is… (or at least comes to gather during the summer months at our family cottages).  Friday night I was talking with my mum and uncle and was trying to figure out how many generations of our family have lived in Haliburton— and the outcome of that discussion that I was the 6th generation that has lived in Haliburton… my descendants were among the first that settled the area.  Maybe that’s part of the draw or pull I feel every time I enter the county.. I feel like I’m coming HOME!

This past week I ‘hid’ out at my mum’s house. I did complete my last minute tasks, and visited a few people..but mainly sat on the deck in the sun, or slept… watched tv.. and surfed the net!  It was a perfect week to ‘re-charge’ my batteries… I totally needed it…

I had the experience of being a pet-parent this week.. when I “dog-sat” Gus for a day and night… he’s a such an easy dog to take care of.. as I’ve always said, I’ve only loved 3 dogs in my life.. and Gus is one of those 3… 🙂

On Friday morning I travelled to Minden… and got my “Kawartha Diary” ice cream cone…It’s kind of a tradition you can’t come to Haliburton County without getting some “death by chocolate” or “moose tracks” matter where I have travelled I haven’t found ice cream like THIS… SOOOOO good! (and that cow…has been either on the top of the building or on the hill since I’ve been a kid!)

I did go up to my Gramma’s Cottage… (where “The Point” has cottages in a row that belong to some of my ‘great-aunts and uncles’ and some American cousins as well!) I have so many memories running on the beach, swimming in the water… and hiding in the trees… summers spent with my gramma and grandpa were so amazing… and it’s still just like home! It’s a place where you just need to wake up and put on your swim suit and jump in the lake!!! Friday afternoon my aunts, uncles, cousins, mum, brothers, sister-in-laws and nephews all arrived and we had a blast in the lake… and around the family dinner table!  Here’s a bunch of the photos from that day… Gus got  a new lifejacket…(mainly for the boat)…but he also went ‘swimming’… although I think he preferred to be on dry ground! ..of course it was a ‘splashing-fun-time’ as well… I’m surprised because last summer Samuel and Benjamin didn’t like to get their faces wet!  But we all had a great time… (thanks Dana for taking the photos on the right!) No matter how warm it is.. it still feels good to have your warm towel wrapped around you!!! Family and this place at Haliburton Lake… totally is what makes me able to go and live so far away…it’s like the place that grounds me and I know where ever I go, I can always come back to Haliburton Lake, because it will always be there for me!  We managed to take another family shot…(although Gus was too busy watching squirrels so he didn’t make the photo!)… it might even make it Mum’s Christmas Card 2011 (jury is still out on that if everyone agrees it’s an o.k. one to be ‘mass’ distributed–I get the ‘trail’ run, and honestly the B&W just spoke to me!) Let me know what you think–Jamie, Dana, John, Kat and Mum!! John, Kat and Bart (my gramma’s husband)… got the corn all ready to eat!!! …the tables were set… and we all gathered around and told ‘stories from times past..’ and once and awhile one of my uncles would say… ‘No, it’s all about Sarah–it’s her farewell, bon-voyage deal…the stories need to be about her!’ and for the most part they were…and even the ones that weren’t about me… well they were great to hear too!! I can’t remember the last time my family–uncles and aunts and cousins gathered around a table together to have a meal!(I think I’ve been travelling too much..)
Uncle Andrew, Aunt Anne and my Mum! (I missed getting shots of my Aunt Marie and Uncle Chris…) Some of my cousins… Clayton, Caroline and Charlotte… But Cody (their brother) and my other cousins…Wade and Todd, his partner Chesley and baby Brody weren’t able to be there!! They will all be at the lake next weekend…A group photo… before dinner!! 🙂 We also celebrated Jamie’s Birthday (July 21); and Bart’s Birthday(July 17th)…Uncle Andrew did the honours and started us off and lead us in a fantastic rendition of “happy birthday” no one sings it like MY UNCLE ANDREW!!! 😉 and Gramma made TWO CAKES!!!
The perfect end to a wonderful night… was watching the FULL MOON rise over the hills…. 

>Being Home…


…this was my view of Winnipeg as I left Friday evening.  
I arrived at my mum’s just after 12:30am–my mum was in bed reading, my little bro and sis-in-law watching tv… let’s just say mum was super shocked when I walked in to her bedroom! At first she thought it was Kat with a funny hat on (for the record my hat is NOT funny)… but kind of thought it was odd when I crawled into bed beside her!  Then it dawned on mum it was ME! 🙂 I’m getting pretty good at keeping secrets and making surprises… 
Today was an awesome day!  It was sunny and warm, BUT the black flies were out…and man my hate of them has been remembered!  My older bro and sis-in-law and nephews came for the afternoon… Jamie did tons of work outside in the crazy bugs–he’s such a good guy!  (took down some dead trees and cut the grass…) 
Inside there were other games ready to be played…. one of the games that was quickly stopped was this one…. crawling into the “little house”…  

 and then ‘big or little’ brother would sit on top of you….

This game had a 2nd variation… where the lid was placed on the “little house”… but this game stopped! As it wasn’t safe to trap your brother in a plastic container! 

 Samuel and Benjamin love a ‘silly’ faces!!! (but let’s admit it so do I!!!)

 There also were many “jenga” games that were played…and then we did brave the outdoors to get ‘some’ fresh air before we were eating too much by black flies!

So Benjamin and I went for a walk down to the river/lake!

 Stopping at the canoe to look underneath it…

 Gus wasn’t bugged too much by the flies.. and loved to be out exploring! (for a little while…)

Samuel and Benjamin got this cool go-cart at a garage sale today… 
to “SHARE Aunt Sarah, we get to SHARE it!!”

  I only saw Samuel drive it today… and he had a lot of fun, driving around mum’s driveway for a bit–until the bugs got too bad!

 I think every child goes through a ‘funny’ face stage.. and Samuel—he’s all about sticking out his tongue photos… I suppose Aunt Sarah will have to get ‘sneakier’ with taking photos…

 But he’s still so cute despite that tongue!

Wishing EVERYONE a happy May 2-4 weekend….
I know I have more family fun to pack into my weekend!! 
…and I have a Birthday Party to attend tomorrow.
..stay tuned for further updates!
PS. I’m starting to REALLY like my new MacBook and things are coming a lot easier for me and editing photos is sooooo much better with decent software! 



It’s the day before Christmas… and outside of my mum’s house!
Two little boys and an Auntie… went hunting for tracks…
Here are some photos from that delightful romp…
(as Samuel had asked for just 6 more minutes–and indeed he got them)!
There was some shoveling of the deck… clearing off the ice chunks…

“Aunt Sarah, I’m very busy… we have lots of work to do!” exclaimed Samuel!

 I’m not sure Benjamin could see much out of his hat… I seem to remember taking shots of him at his first birthday with his summer hat.. and it had the same issues.. perhaps that’s just the way he likes to wear them!

 “Look at me… zoom so fast!” said Benjamin…

 I had had been outside only with my barefeet in sandals… but then Samuel came to the door… and who could say no to a face like that!  (I did put on my snow pants, socks, coats etc… and then the story continued!!)

 My mum got these awesome shovels… and the boys really love them!

 ..see he does have eyes!! 😉

I’m going to get you….. (yes, Aunt Sarah sometimes might be a tickle monster!)


Our first discovery… the pumpkin… (left for the deer to eat…) but we decided to bury it with more snow…

 A quick shot of all three of us… but the adventure must go on!

 I’m not sure if Benjamin knew at this moment that Samuel was about to dump a shovel full of snow on his head!!!

 He turned and said, “No, not on Ben-man!” and Samuel listened…

 Near the river that goes into the lake.. we found tracks… after some discussion we decided to follow the ones going back towards the house.. because it’s not safe to go onto the river, or lake. 

 Benjamin kept getting ‘stuck’… this involved him sitting down in the snow… declaring himself stuck, then Samuel coming to ‘shovel’ him out…. quite a fun and exciting game they have created for themselves…

 Snow on the face is CHILLY!!!

 At the end of the adventure….

It was a fun and exciting afternoon… with more to come as the day progresses…
with a caroling service… snacks and fun games! 
Hope you and yours have a delightful evening…
Because you know who comes tonight,
after we are all snug in our beds… with visions of MacBook Pros, 60′ LCD TVs, iPhone 4’s (not all mine… some are my families)…dancing in our heads!!
Don’t be alarmed when you hear that clatter on your roof… its just that jolly old Saint Nick…
“Merry Christmas to you!”

>Christmas Concerts…and Haliburton Life..


Today was Samuel’s Christmas Concert… This was one of those ‘first’ things.. and I was lucky to be here for it!! Because you know Kindergarten Christmas Concerts are really important!! All three of the kindergarten classes joined, and sang to the proud parents, grandparents and other family members! 
Their songs were: Away in a Manger, S-A-N-T-A is His Name Oh! (think of the song B-I-N-G-O with the dog), We Wish you a Merry Christmas…and then Jingle Bells as they left the stage!
I wasn’t sure if he actually saw me, or his mum, or dad, or grandparents… but he did SING to all the songs!  Samuel you sure have grown up a lot since the summer!!!

Samuel, I was so excited to be there today!! Great job singing…you made your Aunt Sarah smile with pride!!

I have been enjoying being at my mum’s house…. with a view like this… who wouldn’t be happy!?

Icicles dripping off the roof…. makes me want to go out and break one off and chew on it…

I totally am not on the prairies anymore… I’m soaking up this time here… because I’m afraid it might go too fast!!!