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>Messy Hands….


My Grandma or as I call her sometimes My Grams…is the coolest grandma a person could ever ask for!!  She’s always given gifts that are pretty awesome and bang on… whether it be clothes or toys… I love seeing her with my nephews!! Here she’s looking at the toy with the boys that she gave Benjamin!
Blowing out the candles…..
How can you not eat cake without getting “messy hands”…. Samuel had them…
Benjamin had them too…..
Even though he was using a fork!
There’s something about little hands, using forks but still getting all messy… that makes my heart explode!
…you know it’s been a good piece of cake when you have ‘messy hands!’

>..escape to the park!

>Saturday May 22nd, I arrived at my Jamie and Dana’s house.. and took the boys to the park! It was awesome fun… (this was also Benjamin’s 2nd birthday…and gave Dana and Jamie some time to get stuff ready for the family party later that afternoon)…

There was times for snacks….

Time to slide… Samuel likes to go head first….
Benjamin perfers to go backwards… and then do this crazy little flip at the end so he’s in the right direction!! too cute!
Time to climb…. (I got a BUNCH of dirty looks from other ‘parents’ when I took this photo…I think they thought I wasn’t supervising close enough…but before I did get my camera and shoot some shots…I did manage to see IF they COULD actually climb and get there safely… and I was with-in an arm’s reach)…. little Bro.. is doing everything his big Bro is doing…  
Time to look at the ducks, and also feed them… thanks to running into my old Grade 7 teacher, who gave us some bread!
Time to catch up with your Grade 7 Teacher… Mrs. Bain
(who was at the park with her daughter and two granddaughters!)
Time to balance….
…let me tell you, I headed back to my mum’s had lunch and a nap before I headed back for the birthday party!

>May 2-4 Surprises!!!


It’s been awhile… I’ve been ‘on the road again’ or should I say ‘in the skies, and then on the road’… I headed back to Ontario to visit family for the May 2-4 weekend!  My mum knew I was coming, and I think my little bro and sister-in-law–partly because she had to stay at their house an extra few nights in Toronto before she picked me up at the airport… and that’s a whole other blog/story for another time.  Lesson learned, “maybe not ask my mum to pick me up from the airport again!” As this is stressful for ME and also HER! 

Tonight, before I go back to marking and doing what I need to get done… I’m going to leave you with some shots from my time I spent with my nephews!  I arrived in Haliburton on Friday  May 21 in the afternoon… knocked on the door and my sister-in-law, Dana was shocked. Partly because earlier that week I had arranged in a phone call a time to ‘skype in’ for the Birthday Party!  (Yes, I can be sneaky at times!)…

She was heading to do some volunteer work where my brother works…so I went with her and Samuel to surprise Jamie!  He was also shocked… after a quick talk, the afterschool program was going to start soon so they had to go to a meeting… Samuel and I walked back to his house… many photos were taken… and conversation was had….(Benjamin was sleeping… so Samuel and I had some quality time together—I stayed til Benjamin got up, but left soon after because it was dinner time!)

We discovered “blow-ies” or the “white-ones” as Samuel calls him…. and we took some time to BLOW a few…(although Samuel ended up taking them off with his fingers…..)

Samuel is going to JK (Junior Kindergarten) next fall…. that week he had gone to ‘visit’ his new school.. and got a kit full of lots of ‘wonderful’ things… paper, and letters, numbers, books etc…  So we practiced writing letters… Samuel can spell his name!! (Proud Aunt and ECE!) had to take a photo of his ‘works’ in progress!!! (you can see some ‘S’s’ and some ‘A’s’…)

It was very hot, so we went to the back step to have a break and drink some water…. Samuel doesn’t like his water ‘cold’ so left in the sun to warm up, I do like my water ‘cold’ so drank it right away.  We couldn’t play in the backyard, because there is some ‘new’ grass growing…. but we sat and talked… and Samuel would point at something and say “take a picture, Aunt Sarah” so I’d take a picture… and we’d look at it together!
Here’s the grass… Samuel was really excited when he said “look… under that straw, the green, it’s the grass it’s growing!” 
…Samuel and I also looked at clouds and talked about what they looked like… Samuel thought that this one looked like a ‘Sea Horse” I thought it looked like the “letter E”….
But most of all we sat, looked, listened and talked…
This was one excited Aunt…. and in that moment I smiled, and remembered to add it to my memory bank of precious memories!