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>Clouds on the Horizon…


Tonight I was sitting on my balcony tonight and saw these clouds roll in….
(the forecast has a lot of southern Manitoba in a Thunder Storm warning/watch).. 

The big dark clounds have moved in, pushing the fluffy white clouds off to the distance…
it’s going to rain tonight, I wonder when… ! 
After picking up Milo today at the dealership, I was surprised that they had cleaned him inside and out!(but well the out won’t stay nice and shinny for long if it rains!)…
Feels like my life, clouds hanging on the horizon threatening to blow over my head and dump on me!  I’m so ready for a rest, holiday, time off, to think-or NOT think (depending on the case)… to be surrounded by people that love me and just chill… yep… the count down is on… 
its not that I don’t love my job, I really do…but this relocation thing to a new city, where you don’t know anyone..and have to constantly figure stuff out… has really wiped me out! I have nothing left…I need to recharge my batteries, big time!!! 
On many different levels, all I won’t get into here, because it’s not the place…I need a break from the day to day…and I feel the need to ‘get on the road again’..have some adventures…
(I sound like a kid who’s waiting for summer, perhaps I am!…Only 8 more sleeps…til holiday time! )


>I think I’m going to be in for an awesome sunset.. with these clouds…  right now it just started raining… but the sun is still shinning off in the distance over another part of the city!  I’m going back to chill on the balcony…. and enjoy the fresh air..(now that I FINALLY got a patio chairs and a table for out there!)…

>Rain, Rain, on my face…

>.hasn’t stopped raining for days! (Some of you might remember that song- quite catchy from my days as a youth…) Today it is quite fitting… it seems like there’s been a GIANT rain cloud over Winnipeg for the last few days… on Saturday there was 100mm that dropped in Winnipeg… some people’s basements are flooded, my roof decided to leak in my building, the flood-way gates were open around the city to try to divert water to around the city.. and apparently this is an odd case… because normally this only happens during the spring ‘run’ off/melt! 

Well…I took these photos out on my balcony… Enjoy!

>..the end to a perfect weekend!


One of the things I love the most about my apartment, is how I have a view of the sunsets… I still need to get some chairs that are ‘small’ but comfy and a table for my balcony..any suggestions of what I can look!?
After spending the day cleaning, organizing, dusting, and doing laundry…(all in prep for my friends coming over to watch the survivor finale!)
 I was relaxing with friends (watching the survivor finale) and happened to look out the window to see THIS! 
(yes, I stopped watching my TV and went to shoot these two photos…)
…Today was the first day I’ve felt like my place was a ‘home’, yes I still have three boxes left to unpack in the corner of my dining room, a bookshelf, a desk/table, and some bedside side tables…some art to get framed to put on my walls, BUT it’s HOME, and I have what I need to make it comfy! and I got to share it with two friends…from Winnipeg, which makes it even sweeter! it’s been 4 1/2 months…Winnipeg you are starting to feel like home, mind you it hasn’t been an easy road, and their still might be some hills to push up and get over!  Slowly but surely I’ll make this statement true, Winnipeg is my home for now!
Even though at times my iPod randomly plays on the speaker, and other crazy stuff sometimes happens…it’s MY home and I’m staying, the rest of that stuff.. BE GONE, I don’t like your kind here at MY HOUSE!!!

>Sunsets and high water….


Mom’s been enjoying the sunsets from my balcony.. and there have been some awesome ones! (even though I still need to get some patio chairs… we’ve been pulling out my kitchen table ones or just standing!)..

…pretty colours…like the sky was on fire!!
The river has been pretty high… it’s been quite fun to ‘watch’ it… and wonder how high it will go before it lowers again… there is a bit of movement…when the open gates to divert water…into the aquaduct system…that takes the water out of the city! 
(i think… i’m still not 100%..and am too lazy to google this info for you!)
..a bit fuzzy but you can see how high the water is!  (the boat that was miles from the river a week ago.. is almost touching it!)…